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Supporting partners:

National Museum of Singapore

At 119 years old, the National Museum of Singapore is Singapore’s oldest museum with the youngest and most innovative soul. Designed to be the people’s museum, the National Museum of Singapore prides itself on introducing cutting edge and varied ways of presenting history to redefine conventional museum experience. More than just a space for exhibitions and artefacts, the National Museum will also distinguish itself through its challenging and vibrant festivals and events that will unleash new creative possibilities in culture and heritage.


National Museum Cinémathèque

The National Museum Cinémathèque focuses on the presentation of film in its historical, aesthetic, and cultural contexts, with a strong emphasis on local and regional cinema. Housed in the 247-seat Gallery Theatre, the National Museum Cinémathèque offers new perspectives on film through a year-round series of screenings, thematic showcases, and retrospectives that feature both essential and undiscovered works from the history of cinema. Besides the presentation of film, the National Museum Cinémathèque is also active in film preservation, especially the heritage of Asian cinema, and has worked with regional film archives to subtitle and archive important film classics. With an imaginative and diverse programme that includes Singapore Short Cuts, World Cinema Series, and Under the Banyan Tree, the National Museum Cinémathèque aims to create a vital and vibrant film culture in Singapore.


Jakarta Arts Council

The Jakarta Arts Council (Dewan Kesenian Jakarta – DKJ) is one of several organizations founded by Indonesian artists and had been officially stated by The Governor of Jakarta, Ali Sadikin, on June 17, 1969. The responsibility and the function of the Jakarta Arts Council are to build partnership with the Governor of Jakarta, formulating policies for supporting the activities and development of the arts in the capital region. During the early stages, the members of Jakarta Arts Council had been appointed by the Academy of Jakarta, consisting of intellectuals and people of the cultural and arts of Indonesia. As time progresses the selection process is conducted transparently through a team of art scholars and experts, both from within and outside the Academy of Jakarta. They receive the candidates from the public and respected arts groups, and their administration term will run for 3 years.

The arts development policies will be carried out through annual programs from each committee, all prudently curate it internally. DKJ consists of 25 members and divided into 6 committees: Film, Music, Literature, Fine Arts, Dance and Drama.


Jurnal Footage

Footage is a journal published by Forum Lenteng, an egalitarian nonprofit organization established in July 2003. In each edition, Footage hands out contemporary visual discourses, whether in film or video. Footage provides various writings in response to the lack of discourses and criticism in audio-visual media (film and video) in Indonesia, Southeast Asia and worldwide. It is published bilingually (in Indonesian and English) online.


Persatuan Perusahaan Film Indonesia (Indonesian Film Company Association)

Persatuan Perusahaan Film Indonesia (The Indonesian Film Company Association/PPFI) has an active role in film activities, in national, regional and international scopes. PPFI suggests regulations to executive/legislative parties that are able to protect the members working in film production. PPFI has also made a breakthrough in marketing films produced by its members, domestically and abroad. Besides that, PPFI also approached the broadcast media to create production opportunities for all PPFI members.



Blitzmegaplex is an Indonesian film theater chain that opens its first theater at Paris Van Java, Bandung in 2006. Followed by the opening of another three theaters in Jakarta during 2007-2008. Mid-2009, Blitzmegaplex opened its new branch at Teraskota, Tangerang with nine screens and a 3D studio. Blitzmegaplex has received a MURI award as a film theater with the biggest studio in Indonesia, which refers to Auditorium 1, Blitzmegaplex Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. Until 2013, Blitzmegaplex has opened nine film theaters with a total of 76 screens in six big cities in Indonesia.


Render Digital Indonesia

Render Digital Indonesia is a provider company for post production services with RenderPost as the trademark. The company was built in 2004, and RenderPost has rapidly become the best post production service provider in Indonesia for high quality image processing for television advertisement, animation, music video, feature film, and others. This company is equipped with professionals with sophisticated skill and spirit, enhanced by their commitment to support the development of national film industry. Since 2012, RenderPost has opened a new service division for Film Restoration. This division is aimed to support the effort to save the Indonesian cinema history.