Film list based on year "2021" - 64 entry

  • Karena Kamu Cuma Satu (2021)

    Title translation: Because You Are the One Binsar Kevin Ardilova), a final year law student, helps his father's, Saelan (Joe P Project), Metro Mini bus business,. At the beginning of the story, their driver runs recklessly and gets a ticket by the police. Saelan is forced to sell the bus, and he drives the only bus…

  • Jangan Sendirian (2021)

    Title translation: Don't be alone The four characters, one by one, experiencing creepy events when they are alone. The terror of these spirits that spread fear, panic, and hysteria just come unexpectedly.

  • Flutter Echoes and Notes Concerning Nature (2021)

    Ladya (Ladya Cheryl) prepares her equipment and begins her journey recording various sounds in the mountains, forests, beaches, sea. He also recordes the results of her trip in a kind of diary. Elsewhere, a group of planters prepares hundreds of plants which are then thrown, planted, decorated, on the city's vacant lots and roadsides.

  • Titisan Setan 2 (2021)

    Rico (Jeff Smith) is a famous tailor in his village. One night he meets a mysterious woman who orders a dress. After that night, one by one, Rico's best friends disappear and only their clothes are left with spilled blood. Thier corpse mysteriously disappear.

  • Ayudia dan Jalan Pulangnya (2021)

    Title translation: Ayudia and the Way Home Ayudia was raised by her uncle and aunt in Jakarta. She knows almost nothing about her parents. She only knew that her mother had died and his father had left her at the age of four. Ayudia decides to get closer to the religion she believes in and accepts…

  • Bisikan Arwah Mantan (2021)

    Title translation: Whispers of Former Lover Viki Prasetyo and his wife. Angel Lelga, start an entertainment business, Kudeta Production. Preparations for launching the company as well as promoting the making of his latest film have been prepared since a month ago. Today is the last day Viki finishes all preparations. Siska, one of the talented players,…

  • The Secret 2: Mystery of Villa 666 (2021)

    Nina (Aliyah Faizah) invites her best friends, Wynee (Dara), Cherry (Laura Theux), and Bulan (Metta Permadi) to her family's villa. Nina holds a small reunion before the villa is sold. They spend their time chatting, joking, and strolling around the villa area. One night a strange event occurs: the ring worn by Nina suddenly switches to…

  • Saidjah dan Adinda (2021)

    Title translation: Saidjah and Adinda Abah Saidjah (Arswendi Bening Swara) sold his keris to buy a buffalo which was then forcibly taken by Demang Parungkujang (DC Aryadi), a confidant of the Regent of Lebak Raden Adipati (Egi Fedly). No people dared to fight, including Mrs Slotering (Nena Rosier) and Mrs Neng (Jajang C Noer). In grief,…

  • Persahabatan Bagai Kepompong (2021)

    Title translation: Friendship Is Like a Cocoon Ben Sarjono (Bio One) moves from Bandung to Jakarta, after his mother died and his father goes to work in Papua. Ben lives with auntie Indah-uncle Bimo (Lulu Tobing-Pascal Azhar) and her two children Isabel (Yasmin Napper) and Yuan (Fransiskus Michael). Auntie Indah guarantees that Isabel will help Ben…

  • Geez & Ann (2021)

    An accidental meeting Ann (Hanggini) and Geez (Junior Roberts) bring them to face some quite complicated problems. Geez and Ann like each other before Geez has to continue studying abroad. Since then, problems in their relationship continue to emerge: friendship problems to family problems that are no less complicated.