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  • Love For Sale 2 (2019)

     (10/10) (1)

    Indra Tauhid aka Ican (Adipati Dolken) has repeatedly been faced with an arranged marriage by his mother, Rosmaida aka Ros (Ratna Riantiarno), the landlord. She feels that Ican has to marry for he is is old enough. Ican feels that marriage is not his priority. This difference often triggers quarrels between the two of them. One…

  • Kelam (2019)

    Title translation: Dark The relationship between Nina (Aura Kasih) and her mother, Dewi (Rina Hassim) turned cold since eight years ago when Nina ran away from home. Nina's sister, Fenny (Amanda Manopo) has to call Nina back now because Dewi has an accident at home. Nina comes with her daughter, Sasha (Giselle Tambunan), seven years old.…

  • Susi Susanti: Love All (2019)

     (10/10) (1)

    Young Susi Susanti (Laura Basuki) becomes a badminton sensation at just 14 and rises through the rank to become Indonesia's most beloved athlete. With guidance from her coach Liang Chiu Sia (Jenny Chang) and fueled by a sacred promise to her father, Susy gains international recognition by winning the country's first Olympic gold medal. In time…

  • Zharfa (2019)


  • Impetigore (2019)

     (8.5/10) (12)

    Maya(Tarao Basro) tries to survive in a city without a family. Only her best friend Dini (Marissa Anita) who is always with her to improve their life. Maya learns that she may inherit a property from her rich family in the village. With Dini, Maya returns to the village, unaware of the danger waiting for her.

  • Ajari Aku Islam (2019)

    Title translation: Teach Me Islam Kenny (Roger Danuarta), a Medan Chinese young man and Fidya (Cut Meyriska), a Batak Melayu Muslim girl, like each other. But cultural and religious differences cause their parents do not approve of their relationship. Kenny's parents want Kenny to marry his fiance who has been separated for several years, Chelsea Tan…

  • Love Is Blind (2019)

     (5/10) (2)

    Diah (ShandyAulia) works in Busan, South Korea, as a tour guide. For three years he has been engaged as a local male fiancé named Jun-ho (Chae In-woo), a photographer. One night, she finds her fiance having an affair with Sandra (Gemilang Shinatria), a fellow Indonesian who lives with Diah. As she walks out, blindness caused by…

  • Ku Tak Percaya Kamu Mati (2019)

    Title translation: I Don’t Believe You Are Dead Bagong (Raditya Evandra) became a hit-and-run victim. Kinasih (Kinaryosih), his auntie who cares for him since childhood because her mother (Farah Maudina) is depressed due to the man who impregnated her, ran away. Her paralyzed mother doesn't know that her child has died. Fantar (WS Agantaran), Bagong’s friend,…

  • Sin (2019)

     (10/10) (1)

    Metta (Mawar De Jongh) and Raga (Bryan Domani) shouldn't fall in love. Raga hates girls with many dramas like Metta. Metta just wants to prove that there is no good in Raga. But, they still fall in love. Their lives become tangle. The Raga family opposes their relationship, and Metta starts to become Raga's enemy target.…

  • Bebas (2019)

     (8/10) (9)

    Title translation: Free Vina (Maizura), a high school teenager, who comes from a city in West Java, moves to a high school in the capital city of Jakarta. On her first day at school, Vina is laughed at because of her accent and is also intimidated by a male student. Luckily, Vina is helped to adapt…