Film list based on year "2019" - 128 entry

  • Perjanjian dengan Iblis (2019)

     (5/10) (5)

    Title translation: Contract with the Devil Annisa (Shandy Aulia) married Bara (Aghi Narottama), a widower with a daughter named Lara (Basmalah Gralind). Bara takes a picnic to the island that is still rarely visited by tourists, Bengalor Island, so that his wife and child could get familiar with each other. The island of Bengalor turns out…

  • Lagi-lagi Ateng (2019)

     (3.5/10) (3)

    Title translation: Ateng Again The story of Ateng (Augie Fantinus) and his twin Agung (Augie Fantinus) who have been separated for a long time. Ateng and Iskak (Soleh Solihun), his friend, go to Jakarta for the first time. Unexpectedly, Ateng meets Agung who has the same body and face as himself. Iskak and Agung's personal assistant,…

  • After Met You (2019)

     (6.5/10) (6)

    Ari, the coolest and most handsome guy at his school, is challenged by his friends, The Daks, to find a girlfriend who is definitely not interested in him. Ara, an introverted and smart girl in school, is Ari's target. It turns out that Ara is the daughter of Ari’s producer as a DJ. Ari is shocked…

  • Keluarga Cemara (2019)

     (7/10) (13)

    Title translation: Cemara’s Family After his house and all of his treasure are confiscated by the debt collector, thanks to his brother-in-law’s debt, Abah (Ringgo Agus Rahman) is very determined to withstand all of this by staying temporarily in a house in a remote village in West Java. It is his childhood house, inherited by his…

  • DreadOut (2019)

     (6/10) (8)

    Jessica (Marsha Aruan), Beni (Irsyadillah), Dian (Susan Sameh), Alex (Ciccio Manassero), Erik (Jefri Nichol), and Linda (Caitlin Halderman) want to increase their popularity through recording their adventures to upload to their social media accounts. They chose to go to an abandoned apartment famous for its awesomeness. Linda manages to persuade Kang Heri (Mike Lucock), security guard,…

  • The Man Against the Storm (2019)

    Based on a true story, the film tells the story of a political figure, Taufiq Kiemas (Achmad Megantara), who later known as Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR RI) 2009-2014, and the husband of former Indonesian president Megawati Soekarnoputri (Aghniny Haque). Taufiq is in Palembang and a member of a youth gang called Don Quixote.…

  • The Torture: Beranak dalam Kubur (2019)

    Title translation: The Torture: Gives Birth in the Grave Galuh (Shafinaz Nachiar) who is pregnant, often feels strange things with her womb. It was the witchcraft sent by Ki Samber Jiwo (Diding Zainal Abidin) but failed. Because of this failure, Ki Samber Jiwo kidnaps Galuh, kills her and burry her in the forest. Galuh gives birth…

  • The Science of Fictions (2019)

    In 1960s Siman (Gunawan Maryanto)discovers a foreign crew shooting a footage of moon landing. He gets caught and his tongue is cut off. He goes through life in slow motion, imitating an astronaut in outer space, and labeled as crazy, because he builds a rocket-like building behind his house

  • Humba Dreams (2019)

     (10/10) (1)

    Martin (JS Khairen), a film student in Jakarta, returns to Sumba because of the family's call to carry out the wishes of his late father who bequeathed a 16 mm unexposed film cartridge. The film must be shown to the people of Sumba. He begins by searching for information on materials and processing the film through…

  • X-Tra Absurd! (2019)

    Raisa gets a mysterious birthday present: Bi Asuh who claims to be a maid. Instead of alleviating, Bi Asuh actually creates a lot of problems. Besides Raisa’s grandmother suffering more, her sister also disappears. Raisa asks her friends to find her sister and drive out Bi Asuh.