Film list based on year "2018" - 110 entry

  • Bodyguard Ugal-Ugalan (2018)

     (6.5/10) (2)

    Title translation: Reckless Bodyguard The life of Syahrini, a popular pop singer who has millions of fans, is distracted when he gets many threats from strangers. Moreover, Syahrini plans to hold a solo concert. Syahrini then recalls one of her best friend, Erin, who owns the security service company The Guardians. Syahrini chooses Boris, Acho, Lolox,…

  • Koki-Koki Cilik (2018)

     (4.5/10) (3)

    Title translation: Kid Chefs Bima (Farras Fatik), the son of an underprivileged family, manages to participate in a very prestigious and expensive Cooking Camp event. Bima has to face the challenges of Chef Grant and compete with Audrey (Chloe X), a three-time champion at Cooking Camp, and Oliver (Patrick Milligan), the son of a prominent restaurant…

  • Jaran Goyang (2018)

     (4/10) (1)

    Title translation: Rocking Horse Dirga (Ajun Perwira), the gardener, falls in love with Elena (Cut Meyriska), a popular dangdut singer. Dirga rejected by Elena who already has a boyfriend, Robert (Cris de Lima). Disappointed with Elena's decision, Dirga kills Robert and asks for black magic Rocking Horse to his aunt, bu Srintil (Nova Eliza). Success with…

  • Kulari ke Pantai (2018)

     (7.5/10) (5)

    Title translation: I Run to the Beach Sam (Maisha Kanna), a beach child from Rote, East Nusa Tenggara, and his mother, Uci (Marsha Timothy), travel on land alone. The travel plan is from Jakarta to Banyuwangi, to meet Sam's idol surfers on G-Land beach. The day before departure, Sam's cousin Happy (Lil'li Latisha), a city child…

  • Rasuk (2018)

     (3.5/10) (2)

    Title translation: Possessed Langgir Janaka (Shandy Aulia) never understands why her dispute with her mother is never over. Mother continues to blame her for her father's accident. Even though her mother is married again, and lives happily with her new husband and has a baby boy, Bakula, they are still hostile. This unhappiness makes Langgir always…

  • Satu Jiwa untuk Indonesia: Darah Biru Arema 2 (2018)

    Title translation: One Soul for Indonesia: Arema Blue Blood 2 Three stories of Arema fans, a football club of Malang, known as Aremania. A father who awaits the birth of his son in Samboja, East Kalimantan, must deal with the activities of Aremania; Someone interpretes the stadium as a sacred gathering place; Another Aremanita must assume…

  • Target (2018)

     (7/10) (4)

    Nine people are about to shoot a movie titled Target. Apparently they are trapped in an empty building. Someone named Game Master appears to tell them that within 24 hours they have to follow deadly games. Only one can survive.

  • Jailangkung 2 (2018)

     (4.5/10) (3)

    As the youngest child who never knows her mother, Tasya (Gabriella Quinlynn) feels lonely. She accidentally watchs an old video record of her father (Lukman Sardi), who communicated with the spirits of his deceased wife through Jailangkung. Tasya makes her own jailangkung and plays it in hopes of communicating with her late mother. This incident seems…

  • Insya Allah Sah 2 (2018)

     (4.5/10) (2)

    Title translation: Insha Allah It’s Legitimate 2 Raka (Pandji Pragiwaksono) is trapped in a cab with Gani (Donny Alamsyah), a police fugitive and being chased by armed group of Freddy Coughar (Ray Sahetapy). Gani asks Raka for help to escape. Raka agrees with the condition thag Gani must vow to repent. In the circumstances Gani has…

  • Dimsum Martabak (2018)

     (2.5/10) (7)

    Mona (Ayu Ting Ting) works as Koh Ah Yong's (Chew Kin Wah) right hand in The King's , a chinese restaurant which serves dimsum as the main menu. Koh Ah Yong’ second wife is jealous of her, so Mona is fired. Mona has to look for another job, because, since her father died, she becomes the…