Film list based on year "2018" - 140 entry

  • Ghost (2018)

     (2.5/10) (2)

    A group of teenagers do for fun the Ouija game they find in the barn of a haunted house. As a result, the creepy ghost that haunting the house begins to terrorize them.

  • Dilan 1990 (2018)

     (8.5/10) (44)

    Milea (Vanesha Prescilla) met with Dilan (Iqbaal Ramadhan) at a high school in Bandung in 1990, when Milea moved from Jakarta to Bandung. An unusual introduction brings Milea to know the uniqueness of Dilan, smart, kind, romantic. The way Dilan approaches Milea is not the same as other male friends, even Beni (Brandon Salim), Milea's boyfriend…

  • Silariang: Cinta yang (Tak) Direstui (2018)

     (2.5/10) (21)

    Title translation: Love that (Not) Blessed The threat of Puang Rabiah (Dewi Irawan) makes Zulaikha (Andania Suri) know that her relationship with Yusuf (Bisma Karisma) will not get the blessing from his mother. Even when Mr Dirham (Muhary Wahyu Nurba), Yusuf's father, send his brother to tell his family's intentions, the request is rejected outright. Puang…

  • Flight 555 (2018)

     (2/10) (2)

    Putu has to flee from Bali to Jakarta for not agreeing to be mated. But, he must return to Bali because his father is severely ill. He uses Flight Komo 555. Passengers are vary. Putu sits next to two kids discussing the scary things. The incident starts when Putu finds a gun in the toilet. Then…

  • Rumah Belanda (2018)

     (5/10) (2)

    Title translation: The Dutch House Raya (Kelly Tandiono), writer, gets a job from Hilda (Aida Nurmala), a millionaire, to write a biography of Aline, her 80-year-old mother. Raya with his two children Rina (Grace Salsabila) and Icha (Atiyah Shahab) went to the Dutch House as promised by Hilda in order to have concentration on his work.…

  • Maipa Deapati & Datu’ Museng (2018)

     (8.5/10) (23)

    Makassar falls into the hands of the VOC. A number of men who are still loyal to Makassar agree to summon Datu' Museng (Shaheer Sheikh) who is in Sumbawa, back to his hometown. Datu' Museng is believed to be the leader of the war against the invaders. Datu' Museng who has married the daughter of the…

  • Forever Holiday in Bali (2018)

     (6/10) (1)

    Set in Bali, this film tells the story of two young people: Kay, a K-Pop artist, has difficulty dealing with stress and losing her mother. Putri, a Balinese girl, burdened with her family's financial condition and the absence of her parents. When they meet in Bali, love begins to blossom. But problems arise between them and…

  • Arumi (2018)

     (4/10) (1)

    15 years after the murder of her mother and brother, Rasty (Ardina Rasti) invites four friends to his parents' villa. The visit that is originally just for vacation, ends up far from their expectations. They meet a mysterious little girl named Lily (Rizka Maharani), who befriends an astral figure named Arumi (Rebecca Tamara). Lily and Arumi…

  • If This Is My Story (2018)

    A three actor chamber piece chronicling a relationship in disruption, told from 3 different perspectives. Kay and Dee are husband and wife, and cracks are beginning to show in their marriage. They both feel misunderstood and unappreciated. A major disruption happens that drives them to discuss divorce.

  • Daysleepers (2018)

    It tells the story of two people who choose to live on slightly different frequencies from other people. Andrea (Dinda Kanyadewi) has a unique and highly specialized job that requires her to work alone from night to morning in a near-empty office building. Leon (Khiva Iskak) is a writer, who goes out at night after his…