Film list based on year "2018" - 139 entry

  • Eiffel… I'm In Love 2 (2018)

     (7/10) (6)

    14 years passed. Tita who used to sit in first class high school, has become an adult woman. For 14 years also, Tita and Adit underwent long distant relationship. Every day, their relationship is always tinged with quarrels. Even Tita begins to get restless because Adit does not ask her to marry, while her two friends,…

  • London Love Story 3 (2018)

     (6.5/10) (10)

    After two years, Dave (Dimas Anggara) decides to ask Caramel (Michelle Ziudith) to marry. Caramel is very happy. The two go straight back to Jakarta to tell Caramel’s mom. They also agree to go vacation in Bali to commemorate their first meeting. In Bali, Caramel and Dave are annoyed by a guy. The guy named Rio (Derby…

  • Bunda: Kisah Cinta 2 Kodi (2018)

     (5.5/10) (3)

    Title translation: Mother: 2 Dozens Love Story Tika is struggling to save her family and family life. She dare to start a child moslem clothing business, which she does not understand at all, and accepts the harsh reality that her husband decides to follow her mother's last wish to marry her mother's chosen woman. She not…

  • Pai Kau (2018)

     (6/10) (2)

    On the wedding day of  Edy (Anthony Xie) and Lucy (Irina Chiu), the daughter of Koh Liem (Tjie Jan Tan), the businessman and dreaded mafia, appears an uninvited woman. She introduces herself as Siska (Ineke Valentina), Edy's cousin, who comes from out of town. The presence of Siska became a threat, because no one knew that…

  • Hoax (2018)

     (8/10) (1)

    This is about a family whose members have their own secrets. The story begins when Ragil (Vino Bastian), Adek (Tara Basro) and Raga (Tora Sudiro), finish gathering at his father's house. After they return home, the conflicts experienced by these three brothers unfold. Ragil tries to cover up his big secret from family, Adek has a…

  • Syirik (2018)

     (5/10) (1)

    Lady (Nadhira Hill) becomes the victim of her great- grandfather’s agreement with the devil. The agreement was meant to get rich again, by taking the fetus of his offspring through Romy (Guntur Triyoga), Lady’s husband who is far from God. Satan takes possession of Romy to take the fetus she is carrying, Lady tries to run…

  • Ghost (2018)

     (2.5/10) (2)

    A group of teenagers do for fun the Ouija game they find in the barn of a haunted house. As a result, the creepy ghost that haunting the house begins to terrorize them.

  • Dilan 1990 (2018)

     (8/10) (36)

    Milea (Vanesha Prescilla) met with Dilan (Iqbaal Ramadhan) at a high school in Bandung in 1990, when Milea moved from Jakarta to Bandung. An unusual introduction brings Milea to know the uniqueness of Dilan, smart, kind, romantic. The way Dilan approaches Milea is not the same as other male friends, even Beni (Brandon Salim), Milea's boyfriend…

  • Silariang: Cinta yang (Tak) Direstui (2018)

     (2/10) (20)

    Title translation: Love that (Not) Blessed The threat of Puang Rabiah (Dewi Irawan) makes Zulaikha (Andania Suri) know that her relationship with Yusuf (Bisma Karisma) will not get the blessing from his mother. Even when Mr Dirham (Muhary Wahyu Nurba), Yusuf's father, send his brother to tell his family's intentions, the request is rejected outright. Puang…

  • Flight 555 (2018)

     (2/10) (2)

    Putu has to flee from Bali to Jakarta for not agreeing to be mated. But, he must return to Bali because his father is severely ill. He uses Flight Komo 555. Passengers are vary. Putu sits next to two kids discussing the scary things. The incident starts when Putu finds a gun in the toilet. Then…