Film list based on year "2017" - 117 entry

  • Mereka Yang Tak Terlihat (2017)

     (4/10) (3)

    Title translation: Invisible People Lidya (Sophia Latjuba), single parent, has two daughters: Saras (Estelle Linden) and Laras (Bianca Hello). Saras is an indigo child, Saras can see invisible creatures like ghosts or jinns and the like. This is considered unreasonable by Lidya, thus making Lidya's relationship with Saras has a distance. Lidya increasingly worries about of…

  • One Fine Day (2017)

     (6.5/10) (6)

    The unexpected encounter between Mahesa (Jefri Nichol) and Alana (Michelle Ziudith) in Barcelona makes them both chummy. This familiarity is abused by Mahesa. It turns out that Alana and Mahesa's perspective is much different. Danu (Maxime Bouttier), Alana's lover, always gives special attention to Alana, through luxury goods. Once Danu meets with Mahesa and Alana. Danu…

  • Hantu Sei Ladi (2017)

    Title translation: The Ghost of Sei Ladi The ghost of the Sei Ladi bridge loves Viola. Her family’s effort to retrieve Viola from the ghost of Sei Ladi bridge never worked.

  • Ruqyah: The Exorcism (2017)

     (1/10) (5)

    This is a true story that happened mid-2012: Mahisa (Evan Sanders) wants to help a movie star named Asha (Celine Evangelista) who feel annoyed by the spirits. Due to too many strange incidents he sees, Mahisa is convinced that Asha is possessed by a supernatural being. After consulting with the famous ustad, he tries to do…

  • Jomblo (2017)

     (3.5/10) (3)

    Title translation: Singles Singles are about four pals: Agus (Ge Pamungkas, Sunda), Bimo (Arie Kriting, Java), Olip (Deva Mahendra, Aceh), and Doni (Richard Kyle, Eurasian) who are studying at University B. These four have one thing in common: they hold singles status, but have different reasons why singling. Problems arise when they desire to have a…

  • Merah Putih Memanggil (2017)

     (6.5/10) (5)

    Title translation: Red White Calling An Indonesian-flagged cruise ship is hijacked by international terrorists in Indonesian waters. One crew member is shot dead, four others, including captain and three French, one Canadian and one South Korean, are kidnapped and taken to an area in the southern part of a neighboring country. The kidnappers' leader asks for…

  • Suhu Beku (2017)

     (3/10) (1)

    Title translation: Frozen Temperature Fiki (Fiqri Alif) and Fauzan (Muhammad Nur Fauzan), high school students in Makassar, have the same vision: playing music and want to present different music in the city. Fauzan and Fiki recruit Cora (Muhammad Fatur Rachman) thanks to the help of Raka (Rifky Prasetya), Fauzan and Fiki's school friends. Daya (Nasly Perosya),…

  • Pengabdi Setan (2017)

     (8/10) (26)

    Title translation: Satan Devotee Rini and her father, mother, and three younger brothers have to live in their grandmother's house outside town after their home was sold for her mother's treatment. Her mother is sick for three and a half years without any known cause, so the family suffers a financial crisis. After her mother died,…

  • My Stupid Boyfriend (2017)

     (3.5/10) (2)

    Lovers Club is a club that aims to help people who have trouble in romance. As a member and chairman, Jamal is assisted by the club when desiring Samara even though he knows Samara has a boyfriend named Ruben. On the other hand Samara's parents want her daughter to be paired with a dangdut singer, Hercules.…

  • Firegate (2017)

     (4/10) (4)

    Tomo Gunadi (Reza Rahadian), a mystical tabloid journalist, who is assigned to cover the Pyramid of Mount Padang, must cooperate with the celebrity paranormal, Guntur Samudra (Dwi Sasono), to reveal the mystery of the Pyramid of Mount Padang. Arni Kumalasari (Julie Estelle), the head of the archaeological team appointed by the President, initially, denies the presence…