Film list based on year "2010" - 86 entry

  • Rintihan Kuntilanak Perawan (2010)

     (1/10) (2)

    (title translation: Whimper of the Virgin Kuntilanak) Tera Patrick plays a sexy murderer who commits serial murders.

  • Perjaka Terakhir 2 (2010)

     (4.5/10) (4)

    (title translation: The Last Virgin 2) Sam sees a robber in his store. The robber tries to escape when Sugeng, a security guard, tackles him. But Sugeng is overpowered and faints. When Sugeng regains his consciousness, he finds that Sam has taken him to a martial arts school. Sam is one of the most skillful students…

  • Satu Jam Saja (2010)

     (6.5/10) (2)

    (title translation: Only One Hour) Andika, Gadis, and Hans are best friends, who are mutually attracted to each other. Andika gets a scholarship to go to college in Germany. His two best friends are on the way to convey the good news but their car breaks down in a heavy rain. Hans and Gadis then succumb…

  • Madame X (2010)

     (5.5/10) (5)

    Kanjeng Badai and his militant, homophobic political party, threatens the security of a town and everyone depends on Adam, a transgender hairdresser. With the power of a cosmetic bag and beauty equipment, plus a sexy mixture of martial arts and dance moves, Adam has to defeat Kanjeng Badai gracefully before the enemy wins the election. Will…

  • Troop of Dreamers (2010)

     (6/10) (3)

    The Dutch military aggression in December 1948 causes Sri Mulyani to be expelled from her hometown in Maguwo, Central Java. The naive Sri reaches the Panjen region and meets Indonesian guerrilla troops led by Capt. Hadi Sugito, who is doing recruitment. On the same day, Udjo, a nobleman’s son, is tricked by his girlfriend, Wiwid, to…

  • Sweetheart (2010)

     (5/10) (2)

    Nina is forced to move to a new school for girls because her mother, Chyntia, marries a wealthy businessman. There, she has to deal with the Sweetheart gang, comprising the three most beautiful and popular girls at school: Imel, Fifi and Cherry. When Nina witnesses Imel beating up a student and reports it to the Principal,…

  • Pengantin Pantai Biru (2010)

     (5/10) (1)

    (title translation: The Bridegroom of Blue Beach) Ryan, Naomy, Amelia, Jazzy, Jojo, and Gathan visit a secluded beach, located in a traditional village where the people still believe in mysticism. Solikum, an old innkeeper, warns them about supernatural beings that wander around the beaches and forests. By chance, Amelia photographs a figure of a bride in…

  • Pocong Jumat Kliwon (2010)

     (2/10) (1)

    A horror short is being filmed in the woods when strange things start to happen. Linda, the actress who plays as an angry spirit in the film, almost kills Arumi, the lead. Apparently, Linda is possessed and she flees from the location. When they find her, Linda faints when her wig is taken off. Zaki suspects…

  • Sang Pencerah (2010)

     (7.5/10) (12)

    (title translation: The Enlightener) Returning from Mecca, Darwis changes his name to Ahmad Dahlan as he is disturbed by the trend of Islamic laws in his society; that borders on heresy, Syrik (polytheism), and Bid’ah (wrong innovation). Using a compass, he proves that the direction of Qibla (that points to Mecca), in the Great Mosque of…

  • Lihat Boleh, Pegang Jangan (2010)

     (4.5/10) (3)

    (title translation: You Can Look, But Don't Touch) Two families who sell meatballs fiercely compete for customers. They do not realize that while they are distracted with their competition, someone else is establishing a new meatball business as well. When the new man manages to attract their customers to his stall, the two families who were…