Film list based on year "2010" - 86 entry

  • Belkibolang (2011)

     (7.5/10) (12)

    An anthology of shorts about love, relationship, trust, and Jakarta’s energetic scene in nine consecutive nights, the nine shorts are: Payung (Director: Agung Sentausa, 06”24’): Wahyu, a common labourer is tired. The heavy rain makes him hate the city, life, and himself even more. But an encounter with Fitri turns the cold night into a warm…

  • Love in Perth (2010)

     (6/10) (4)

    Lola, 16, wins a scholarship in the city of Perth, Australia. Her life starts to change with new acquaintances, her roommate, Tiwi, who becomes an enemy, and new friends, Ari and Dhani. Dhani, a senior student, at first fights with Lola but later the couple become inseparable. Then Dhani disappoints her when his arrogance and his…

  • 3 Pejantan Tanggung (2010)

     (5/10) (1)

    (title translation: 3 Male Teenagers) Angga, Kris, and Harta are friends who are full-time hedonists. Even though their thesis defense is in two weeks, they are still busy getting drunk. When they wake up from their hangover, they are shocked to find themselves on a boat in the middle of Borneo! They panic and run into…

  • Kabayan Becomes a Billionaire (2010)

     (6/10) (2)

    Ustadz Soleh’s Pesantren (Islamic boarding school) As-Salam, is the target of a land grab by real estate entrepreneur, Rocky, who wants to build a resort. But Ustadz Soleh’s clever young assistant, Kabayan, and his best friend, Armasan, can’t be persuaded or bribed by Rocky. But when Kabayan falls for Rocky’s accountant, Iteung, he orders her to…

  • Dalam Mihrab Cinta (2010)

     (3/10) (3)

    (title translation: In the Mihrab of Love) Syamsul, 20, wants to study at a pesantren (religious school) in Kediri. Here, he meets Zizi, the daughter of the school’s owner. But when he gets intimate with Zizi, he is expelled from school, accused of stealing, a result of a slander spread by his best friend, Burhan. Since…

  • Pocong Rumah Angker (2010)

     (2/10) (2)

    (title translation: Pocong at the Haunted House) Zaki, Joana and Debby are visiting a house known to be a burial place for corpses in criminal cases. They intend to make a documentary of the building. Then before Zaki can stop her, Joana finds an old umbrella and opens it. Zaki believes that her action will invite…

  • Cin... Tetangga Gue, Kuntilanak! (2010)

     (1.5/10) (3)

    (title translation: Guys, My Neighbor is a Kuntilanak!) While Safina is pregnant, her husband, Anton, is having an affair with his secretary, Yuli. Then Yuli uses black magic to insert needles inside Safina’s womb and causes her death. But the baby survives. With a shaman’s help, a gold pin is nailed into the head of Safina…

  • Jakarta Twilight (2010)

     (6.5/10) (6)

    Jakarta Maghrib sees the city in contemplation, during its momentary threshold at dusk. That is the common thread that connects the six stories in the film: Iman Cuma Ingin Nur, about a couple who are about to make love; Adzan, about a relationship between a thug and a mushollah gatekeeper; Menunggu Aki, about housing compound residents waiting…

  • Susah Jaga Keperawanan di Jakarta (2010)

    (title translation: It's Hard to Stay a Virgin in Jakarta) In Kandang Jago, a small village, Srinthil, dreams of living in the city. Only Kunil and Centhini support her. After refusing their marriage arrangements, the three village girls flee to Jakarta. They then meet Berta, a transsexual, who is a pimp. When they are offered work…

  • London Virginia (2010)

     (1/10) (1)

    Lola, 18, works at the famous national monument (Monas) in the cleaning service. She has big dreams about her future and in course of pursuing them, she plunges into the entertainment world of Indonesia.