Film list based on year "2009" - 85 entry

  • Chased by Satan (2009)

     (4.5/10) (2)

    Three teen couples are making an amateur horror movie titled "Dikejar Setan", for an indie film festival. To capture audience attention, they want a real ghost in the scenes. So they hire a ghost whisperer in the film production. Slowly, reality and hallucination haunt them, blurring the boundaries between the past, and present. Then they are…

  • King (2009)

     (7/10) (4)

    Guntur wants to become a true badminton champion like his idol, Liem Swie King. Guntur’s father is a commentator of badminton matches between villages and also collects goose feathers for the manufacture of shuttlecock. He loves badminton although he himself could not be a badminton champion. Hearing his father’s story about his idol "KING", Guntur is…

  • Garuda on My Chest (2009)

     (7/10) (9)

    Bayu dreams of becoming a great soccer player. Heri, Bayu’s best friend, is also a soccer enthusiast. He believes so much in Bayu’s talent and ability and convinces him to join the selection for the U-13 National Team to represent Indonesia. But Usman, Bayu’s grandfather strongly opposes his dream as he feels that soccer is synonymous…

  • Ketika Cinta Bertasbih (2009)

     (6/10) (6)

    (title translation: When Love Prays) The film tells the life of Khairul Azzam, an Indonesian student, who is studying in Al-Azhar University, Cairo. Khairul works hard to support his mother and siblings in the village and his struggle to remain faithful to his religious teachings. Set on location in Cairo, on the Nile, plus scenes of…

  • Susuk Pocong (2009)

     (1/10) (1)

    When her husband remarries to Donna, Asti decides to implant a charm with the help of a shaman. She is told that the best charm is the one taken from a dead person. Then mysteriously, Donna falls down from her apartment and dies. But when the charm is about to be retrieved, Donna’s corpse has disappeared…

  • Capres (Calo Presiden) (2009)

     (3.5/10) (2)

    (title translation: Middle-man for Presidency) A political party decides to find a new leader who can be their puppet. They need someone naïve who can be easily manipulated. Soon, they find an innocent office administrator whom they offer two million rupiahs as salary. The man is initially happy to get this easy job until his conscience…

  • Queen Bee (2009)

     (5/10) (1)

    Queenita Siregar is a smart, independent 17 year-old girl. Then when her father, Rachmat Siregar, becomes a presidential candidate, her life is restricted by security protocols. It is especially traumatic, as she dislikes one of the guards.

  • cin(T)a (2009)

     (6/10) (10)

    This film is full of discussions about race, love, religion and God in a sensitive theme resolutely expressed. Cina (Sunny Soon), 18 years old, is a new Batak-Chinese student, grows as a naive young adult, never failing in anything. He’s certain that he can reach his dreams out of sheer determination. Annisa (Saira Jihan), 24 years…

  • Pocong Kamar Sebelah (2009)

     (4/10) (1)

    (title translation: The Pocong in the Next Room) Felisa has just entered a creepy boarding house. Mrs. Ratmi, who runs it, puts Felisa next to an empty room which has never been opened for three years. Randy, Mrs. Ratmi’s grandson, has a crush on Felisa she is in love with Marvin, another resident. But every midnight,…

  • Virgin 2: Bukan Film Porno (2009)

     (3/10) (1)

    (title translation: Not a Porn Film) Tina, 16, and Nadya, 19, enter a profession that they aren’t supposed to at their age. Adolescence has not been easy and the high price of friendship has to be paid, sometimes by a tragic death.