Film list based on year "2009" - 85 entry

  • The Graverobbers (2010)

     (1/10) (2)

    Like their father, Niko and Imen are also tomb robbers. Their work is not so easy, especially when the location of a secret tomb is now the site of a nurse’s dormitory building.

  • Suster Keramas (2009)

     (1/10) (3)

    Michiko, a Japanese tourist, wants to look for her sister who works as a nurse in Indonesia. Unknown to her, the sister has already died.

  • Bukan Malin Kundang (2009)

     (6/10) (1)

    (title translation: Not Malin Kundang) Ryan, Ado and Luna, are college students who are slackers. Ryan lives with his mother, a single parent, while Ado comes from big family who neglects him. In contrast, Luna is doted upon by her parents. But their wild pranks, is about to have heavy consequences. When Ryan ties an old…

  • The Dreamer (2009)

     (7/10) (16)

    Sang Pemimpi is the sequel to Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Troops). Ikal, his cousin Arai and his friend, Jimbron, are now 17, and finding their path in life. Ikal still misses his first love, who left Belitung, leaving memories and a tin box depicting the Eiffel tower. Arai, a playboy, falls in love with his schoolmate, Zakiah…

  • Ai Lop Yu Pul (2009)

     (2/10) (1)

    Emak's kiosk is destroyed by Satyo and Beno’s debt collectors, so Topan wants revenge. Indah, Satyo’s daughter, is about to run away from home when Topan breaks into the house. So Indah suggests that Topan should hold her as hostage as she wants to teach her father a lesson after she finds out that he wants…

  • Fugu, a Sushi Tale (2009)

    X (Suzuki Nobuyuki) meets with Y (Ri Kaode) and falls in love. They marry. They go for honeymoon to Bali. Y disappears from their honeymoon house. X returns to Jakarta and meets Z (Beby Hasibuan). They get married and go to the same honeymoon home in Bali. Y suddenly reappears. This film tells the story of…

  • Lost Paradise - Playmates in Hell (2009)

     (3.5/10) (6)

    Local villagers chase a black magic shaman, who kidnaps a woman, and corners him at a waterfall. The shaman throws the woman into the waterfall and jumps after her. After finding that the woman has died, he kills all the villagers in anger. Tiara is a former wushu athlete, who suffers a phobia with darkness. Tiara…

  • Patah Hati Anda Bisnis Kita (2009)

    (title translation: Your Heart Break is Our Business) After committing to a long-distance relationship when Nayla overseas to study, she suddenly breaks up with Agus. Agus’s best friend, Wawan and his girlfriend, Raya, try to rescue Agus through This romantic comedy tells of Agus’s struggle to get Nayla back using various tactics provided by

  • XXL: Double Extra Large (2009)

     (6/10) (1)

    Kasep inherits his father’s leadership position in Barudak Lieur, a Sundanese gang. After Kasep’s father disappears, the gang is constantly threatened by Soemanto’s Wong Kenthir, a rival gang. Kasep feels inferior to his position because he feels that the size of his genital is not enough. So Mak Siat, a male genital treatment specialist, is hired…

  • Hantu Binal Jembatan Semanggi (2009)

     (1/10) (1)

    (title translation: The Wanton Ghost of Semanggi Bridge) Identical twins Rico and Ricky have been separated since they were children. Rico’s sixth sense allows him to communicate with the spirit world. When he loses his sight after an accident, Rico is lucky to get an eye donor, from Cherise who recently died. But his new pair…