Film list based on year "2008" - 91 entry

  • Ikhsan: Mama I Love You (2008)

     (1/10) (1)

    Ikhsan had not pass to the next grade twice. Ikhsan’s friends told he was an idiot. This made Ikhsan often involved in a fight with them. Ikhsan was expelled from school due to underdevelopment. Ikhsan parents decided that Ikhsan need a boarding school. It turns out that school discipline could not made any progress. Ikhsan future…

  • Fiction. (2008)

     (8.5/10) (10)

    Alisha never feels alive in her big and cold house until she falls in love with Bari. Alisha is so besotted with him that she rents a room next door to where Bari lives with his girlfriend, Renta. Her boring days are now filled with laughter, love and fights that she hears from the room next…

  • The Virgin Ghost of Jeruk Purut (2008)

     (1/10) (1)

    Nadya finds Elang, her boyfriend, making out with her best friend, Wanda. They quarrel causing her to fall off a building. When Nadya wakes up from her coma, she avoids Elang and Wanda. She then rents an old house and is secretive about her new address. But she starts experiencing many strange, scary and horrifying occurrences…

  • Ghost Island 2 (2008)

    Ricky Harun, aka Dante, is trapped again on Ghost Island. With Nero, he fights hard to try to save himself from the threat of a restless spirit. Then nine young people come to the island to have a rave party and they ignore the warning about the island’s spirit. Dante and Nero become more worried when…

  • The Ghost Oath in My School (2008)

    Caught red handed as distributors of a porn video at school, Ramon, Evan and Dimas swears the "Pocong" oath (an oath believed to have horrible consequences if broken); that they are not the one distributing it. The teacher then challenges them and fear starts to grip them.

  • May (2008)

     (7/10) (3)

    Antares and May, a couple from different ethnic groups, are separated during the May 1998 riots in Jakarta. While Antares is busy as a filmmaker documenting the historic moment, May is kidnapped and raped. May is also separated from her mother, who takes refuge in a hotel. In despair, May’s mother exchanges her house deeds for…

  • The False Prophet (2008)

     (7.5/10) (4)

    The story of the film stems from the many heretic teachings that have surfaced, where the leader claims to be a new prophet sent to purify the faith. Through his religious school, teacher Samir uses religion to gather wealth and power.

  • Vote for Love (2008)

    Bella is a candidate for new student head in her campus. Her campaign team is Putri, Icha, Sasha, and Heidy. Bella’s rival, Aldi, is smart and good at winning the hearts of the students. Aldi’s campaign team comprises Ferry and Dimas. Aldi’s campaign wins the hearts of the students, with an effective but slightly “naughty” way,…

  • Lost in Love (2008)

     (6.5/10) (3)

    Tita is disappointed that everyone still thinks of her as a small, spoiled child. She also feels betrayed by Adit who is cold and curt towards her. When she finds out that Adit has the same opinion about her as everyone else, she breaks her engagement with him. She feels it is time for her to…

  • The Shaman (2008)

    Rian, a doctor, is assigned to a village clinic in Sendawar, West Kutai. Strange things start happening and he sees a girl with a scarred face, people with stomach wounds and also mysterious disappearances. Realising his unfavorable condition, he invites two of his friends to come, Deni and Hasan. Together, they have to go through many…