Film list based on year "2008" - 91 entry

  • Kick 'n Love (2008)

    Budi, a university student, is good at playing Futsal though his mother disapproves. Gita, Budi’s lover also disapproves, as she wants Budi to focus more on his studies. Gita is envious of Budi because she cannot continue her studies due to lack of funds. Gita works in a boutique and uses her money to pay for…

  • Ghost Busted (2008)

     (10/10) (1)

    In a reality show called Sang Penakluk (The Conqueror), three men are asked to perform as psychics who can exorcise ghosts. The show becomes successful, and leads to them to a village where they are asked to exorcise a real ghost.

  • Wild (2008)

     (9/10) (4)

    Indra and Bayu, dream of becoming motorcycle racers. So they compete in an illegal street race and fight a rival motorcycle gang that almost claims their lives. But when their dream is about to be achieved, Indra and Bayu are faced with two difficult choices.

  • Puber (2008)

    (title translation: Puberty) Arletta has everything that teenagers of her age can only dream of - beauty, riches, and fame as an artist. But feeling depressed and used by her friends, relatives, and even mother, she chooses to travel around accompanied only by her driver. On that journey, Arletta finally feels really free and able to…

  • Anda Puas Saya Loyo (2008)

    (title translation: You're Satisfied I'm Weak) Mr Wagiman and his children, Inem and Tarjin, belong to a respected village family. Conflicts arise when Inem is arranged to marry the son of Dono’s family, but the arrangement falls through. So Inem finally goes to Jakarta, with Susy, her best friend. They live with Pakle Bagio and friends,…

  • The Anniversary Gift (2008)

     (8/10) (1)

    Yoga is kidnapped and chained to a steel chair. In front of him is a cutter knife, and by the side are two metal rods holding sharp pencils targeting his left eye and abdomen. He does not know where he is and why he is being held there. At times, Tika comes to torture him slowly…

  • Liburan Seruuu...!! (2008)

    (title translation: Fun Holiday...!!) Nala, Tama, and their two cousins, Reno and Inka, are going to visit the ranch of Aunt Canda, their favorite aunt, in Ambarawa for the first time without parental supervision. Momo, Nala and Tama’s adopted older sibling, accompanies them. Their adventure begins with a mysterious map given to Nala as a gift…

  • Three Bitter Guys (2008)

     (5/10) (1)

    Ciang Pek still lives with his grandfather who runs a Kung Fu - Wushu martial arts school. Sugeng has a fat wife, Susi, while Ujang, the son of a successful restaurant businessman, dreams of marrying Katrina Katrodipuro, a famous film star. The three friends work as film extras and idolise Katrina. When Ciang Pek’s grandfather dies,…

  • Best Friend? (2008)

     (10/10) (2)

    Tania is the golden child of the teachers because she is smart. But her schoolmates find her too serious. Moli, the new student, is the exact opposite of Tania. But the other students, also reject her for being too extreme. Nobody is willing to go with Moli except Tania. Seeing Moli’s life, Tania suddenly feels that…

  • Died Yesterday (2008)

     (1/10) (1)

    Unable to accept his child’s sudden and mysterious death, the father intentionally does not untie the strings of the child’s death shroud during the funeral (based on the belief that this will make the child a restless spirit). He wants the child to take revenge on the person who has committed the murder.