Film list based on year "2004" - 32 entry

  • The Rainmaker (2004)

     (7.5/10) (3)

    In a barren and dry village located on the coast, Johan sends his weather research findings so an artificial rain can be deployed over the area. The beautiful traditional singer, Asih, with her voice and body, becomes an oasis to the villagers. This is her fate, says the puppet master. Asih’s maid is devoted to the…

  • Tina Toon & Lenong Bocah the Movie (2004)

     (5/10) (2)

    Tina, a fifth grade elementary school student lives with his father, Tono. She busks in the streets to earn the admission fee needed for junior high school. When Tina is singing on the street, she meets a record producer, Aswin, who is fascinated by Tina’s dance style. Then Tina and Tono are evicted from their rented…