Film list based on year "2001" - 3 entry

  • What’s Up with Love? (2002)

     (7.5/10) (16)

    Cinta (17-years-old), and her friends, Milly, Karmen, Alya and Maura, are responsible of the school’s magazine. The dynamics of their friendship faces turbulence when Cinta meets Rangga, an arrogant and cold character. Even though they go to the same school, they have never noticed Rangga before. Rangga brings Cinta to another world, quite different from her…

  • Ca Bau Kan (2002)

     (6/10) (6)

    (title translation: The Courtesan) Set in the Peranakan culture in Indonesia (a cultural fusion caused by inter-marriage between native Indonesians and migrant Chinese), Giok Lan, an elderly Chinese Indonesian woman adopted by a Dutch family during the colonial period, returns to Indonesia to find out the truth about her family background. In a flashback, we learn…

  • The Uninvited (2001)

     (6/10) (4)

    Ferdi, Gita, Gombal, and Sani, have always been curious about ghosts. They visit many haunted places, but they have not found what they are looking for until they hear about Angkerbatu. To summon spirits, Sani secretly plays with a jelangkung (a traditional puppet game that is similar to the ouija board, and it is used to…