Film list based on year "1995" - 22 entry

  • Panther (1995)

     (4/10) (1)

    A house is robbed and the whole family murdered but no one knows the killer. When Natasha, the daughter of the family returns from abroad, she finds her house in shambles. Luckily, her friend, Jack (Barry Prima), is there to solve the puzzle of the murderer. They find out that Natasha’s father has a casino in…

  • Pawang (1995)

    (title translation: Animal Tamer) Tias (Keke Hamzah) is bitten by a cobra while hunting with her boyfriend, Lintang (Dicky Vandi). Luckily, Bismo (Chairil JM) saves them. During their stay at Bismo’s house, Tias experiences many things, including being attacked by a crocodile and being saved again by Bismo. Lintang gets jealous and asks Tias to come…

  • Pergaulan Intim (1995)

     (3/10) (1)

    (title translation: Intimate Relations) Laura is pregnant with her brother-in-law’s child. She goes to Jakarta to meet her bestfriend, Poppy, who helps her to get an abortion and arranges work for her as a prostitute at a club, Fantastique. But when Laura becomes more popular, Poppy is jealous and tries to sabotage her, by making her…

  • Pergaulan Metropolis II (1995)

     (1/10) (1)

    (title translation: City Intercourse II) Budi (Ferry Tanjung) is having an affair with Ineke (Inneke Koesherawati), whom he helps to start a career as a model. He then starts another affair with Lisa (Windy Chindyana), the director of the company he works for, and then they get married. But then Budi still flirts and has an…

  • Permainan Binal (1995)

    (title translation: Wild Games) During the opening credit titles, half-naked women are seen posing and moaning. The film starts with a mother and her child being kicked out by her husband. The mother holds a grudge, ever since. Mirna (Windy Chindyana), a widow who works as a designer, lives with her sister, Melisa (Sally Marcelina), who…

  • Pesona Gadis Simpanan (1995)

    (title translation: The Kept Woman's Charm) Feeling stuck with his life in the village, Pramono (Sonny Dewantara) takes his wife and child to the city. His career and finances improve. But then he falls for his secretary, whom he feels he can talk to, unlike his wife. But the secretary who becomes his girlfriend, suggests that…

  • Ranjang Cinta (1995)

     (10/10) (2)

    (title translation: Love Bed) Aldo (Teguh Yulianto) is into S&M (sado-masochistic) sex. His wife, Carla (Inneke Koesherawati), then cheats on him with Atari (Ferry Tanjung), who has a grudge towards Aldo. The whole movie is full of sex scenes.

  • Roda-roda Asmara di Sirkuit Sentul (1995)

     (6/10) (1)

    (title translation: The Wheels of Love in Sentul Circuit) Desi (Inneke Koesherawati), a designer, falls in love with Alvin (Alvin Bahar), a mechanic who is underestimated by his colleague, Jodi (Achmad Yusuf). When drunk at a party, Alvin has sex with Novi (Febbry R Lawrence), a female mechanic in his team. They like each other but…

  • Sesepuh Majapahit (1995)

     (10/10) (1)

    (title translation: The Elders of Majapahit)

  • Skandal Binal (1995)

    (title translation: Wild Scandal) Nadia (Sally Marcelina), a law student, takes a job as an erotic dancer to make a living. One night, she is gang-raped and since then, there have been murders. Nadia is suspected to be the murderer and is arrested.