Film list based on year "1991" - 18 entry

  • Lagu untuk Seruni (1991)

     (5/10) (1)

    The storyline is similar to that of the American film "Kramer  vs Kramer". Aria (Tio Pakusadewo) is an idealistic composer  who refuses to compromise his principles. His wife, Feby (Nia  Zulkarnain), chooses to separate from him and leave behind  their daughter, Seruni (Asteria Dania Mangi). The scenes  depicting the daily routines of Aria and Seruni are …

  • Taksi Juga (1991)

    A continuation of the story begun in "Taksi" (1990). The  focus is still on Daisy (Meriam Bellina), who has gone back  to using her given name, Titin, and Giyon (Rano Karno), who  is still working as a taxi driver. The father of her child,  Raymond (Onky Alexander), in still infatuated with her, even  though he has…

  • Tuan, Nyonya dan Pembantu (1991)

     (1/10) (1)

    Maryani (Anna Shirley), who is extremely proud of her  beautiful body and crazy about her career, has all but  forgotten her responsibilities as a housewife, which causes  her neglected husband, Zainul (Deddy Mizwar), to take solace   in the arms of their servant, Nyi Imas (Eva Rachmat).  Eventually Maryani becomes aware of the affair between Zainul …

  • Bernafas dalam Lumpur (1991)

    (see Bernafas dalam Lumpur (1970)) • This film is a remake of an earlier film with the same title.

  • Zig Zag (Anak Jalanan) (1991)

    Egi (Jeffry Waworuntu) has to work in a garage to help his  family. Silvy (Dian Nitami), a rocker, and Nanang (Cok  Simbara), a band member, are both children of wealthy parents  that pay very little attention to them. These three friends  struggle to stay together despite the problems and challenges  that come their way.  * Won…

  • Yang Tercinta (1991)

     (8/10) (1)

    Barli (Ikang Fawzi), a journalist, is approached by an old  friend and offered an airline ticket to Amsterdam and US$  5,000 to take a message to a young woman named Bunga (Marissa  Haque) in order to counter a “moral threat”. Barli refuses,  but becomes curious and starts to find out as much as he can  about…

  • Saur Sepuh IV (Titisan Darah Biru) (1991)

     (5/10) (1)

    Brama Kumbara (Denny Porlen)  is preparing for eternity  through an ascetic cleansing. Meanwhile, the Madangkara  Kingdom has been handed over to his daughter, Wanapati (Agus  Kuncoro). The people of Kuntala, who have greeted this news  with delight, prepare to take revenge on Madangkara, where  the ambitions of the young merchants and the instigation of  riots are…

  • Pengantin Remaja (1991)

     (10/10) (1)

    (title translation: Adolescent Bridegroom)