Film list based on year "1987" - 53 entry

  • Tatkala Mimpi Berakhir (1987)

    (title translation: When the Dream is Over) Nisia is accidentally thrown into the film business and becomes a famous actress. She then meets an idealistic director, Prianto, and while at first, they do not get along, Nisia stars in a film that he directs. The film is a success but Prianto dies when his health deteriorates.

  • Tirai Perkawinan (1987)

    (title translation: Wedding Curtain) Akbar always quarrels with his wife, Nora, who spoils their son, Andi. Their marriage life is sexless. Nora knows that Akbar still loves his first girlfriend, Auzy, so she struggles to recapture his heart by having a vaginal surgery. To fill the sexual void at home, Akbar often watches porn videos, which…

  • Aku Benci Kamu (1987)

    (title translation: I Hate You) Gerda suddenly will not speak when she learns her mother is in a relationship with Bobby. Gerda moves to a dorm, also occupied four girls (Nia Zulkarnaen, Iyut Bing Slamet, Paramitha Rusady, Sylvana Herman). The four girls then investigate the nature of Gerda's mother's relationship with Bobby. And Uun, one of…