Film list based on year "1987" - 53 entry

  • Lupus II (Mahluk Manis dalam Bis) (1987)

     (7/10) (2)

    (title translation: Sweet Creature in the Bus) In this sequel to Lupus (Tangkaplah Daku Kau Kujitak), Lupus and his friends are portrayed in more detail. However, as in the previous film, the plot is still a compilation of humour generated from the playful actions by Lupus and friends. Again, the problems of Lupus and his girlfriend…

  • Akibat Kanker Payudara (1987)

    (title translation: Because of Breast Cancer) The film begins with a doctor explaining breast cancer and its detection methods. Then we learn that Kartika must have one of her breasts removed before the cancer spreads. To relieve her grief, she leaves for Switzerland, where she meets Maruli, a newly graduated doctor from Germany who works at…

  • Akibat Terlalu Bebas (1987)

     (3/10) (1)

    (title translation: Too Much Freedom) Tomo will soon be married to Ririn. For the wedding preparation, he is placed in Asmuni's house. Unfortunately, Tomo has an affair with Asmuni’s wife, Kristin, until it causes unhappiness in the family of Asmuni.

  • Arini (Masih Ada Kereta yang Akan Lewat) (1987)

     (8/10) (1)

    (title translation: There are Still Trains Passing By) Arini is "misled" by a close friend, Ira, who wants to marry her husband, Helmi. Eventually she finds out this plan, so she asks for a divorce and leaves her son, who later is discovered to have kidney failure. She leaves for the U.S. where she meets Nick,…

  • Ayahku (1987)

    (title translation: Father of Mine) Agus leaves his wife and the three children. After many years, Agus wants to return but he has to apologise to his wife and children, namely Anwar, Dani and Aini. But Anwar, the oldest son, who has been supporting his family all these years, rejects him.

  • Bilur-bilur Penyesalan (1987)

     (4/10) (1)

    (title translation: Welts of Regret) Stretching over 21 years, the film begins in Semarang, 1966. Roy Paturungi, an orphan, is furious for never passing the exams of Professor Handoko. Handoko, who is separated from his wife, has his reason, as Roy is romantically involved with his daughter, Paramita. Handoko is possessive and does not want his…

  • Birahi dalam Kehidupan (1987)

    (title translation: Sexual Desire in Life) Filled with family planning information, the story starts with Paula, who manages to overcome her passionate desires, and Gatot, who is dating Paula’s school friend. The latter affair has gone too far until it involves an abortion, since Gatot is killed in a car crash. Paula's friend also dies. A…

  • Catatan Si Boy (1987)

     (7/10) (1)

    (title translation: Boy's Diary) Boy is a handsome young man who likes to keep a diary. A son of a wealthy businessman, Boy is very active on campus, a devout Muslim, but who drives a BMW everywhere.  It’s no wonder that every girl has a crush on him. His girlfriend, Nuke, is sent away to London.…

  • Cewek-cewek Genit (1987)

    (title translation: Flirtatious Girls) Minah comes to town to seek her uncle, but she falls in with a drug syndicate. She is assigned to sell cakes on the streets (during a time when female cake sellers were popular in Jakarta, for being flirtatious or as undercover prostitutes). Unexpectedly, Minah meets Aryo, the son of her uncle,…

  • Cintaku di Rumah Susun (1987)

     (6.5/10) (4)

    (title translation: Love in the Flats) Satirising the lives of residents in public housing flats, we meet Somad, a brewery worker who is not allowed by his grandfather to go out on a date. But Badrun keeps giving him tips on how to get a wife yet Somad still has no success. Zuleha, another neighbor in…