Film list based on year "1977" - 133 entry

  • Sinyo Adi (1977)

    (title translation: Young Master Adi) His grandfather spoils Adi Bing Slamet, a rich child, when both parents are abroad. The grandfather’s behaviour leads to a bad end, as witnessed by both parents when they return home at the end of the film.

  • Tante Sundari (1977)

    (title translation: Mrs. Sundari) This film is almost a Palapa comedy group (Suroto, Kardjo AC-DC, and others) film as all of the members are present in the cast. The comedy style is also reminiscent of their comedy style on stage and television. Based on the song “Tante Sun” by Bimbo, Tante Sun is played by Kardjo,…

  • Tiada Seindah Cintamu (1977)

    (title translation: Nothing is as Beautiful as Your Love) The story is like a fairytale. An ugly disabled young man finds love with a blind woman. The fairytale continues with the blind woman able to see again after the man sells all of his fortune for her treatment. Then the woman leaves the husband and child…