Film list based on year "1966" - 13 entry

  • Terpesona (1966)

    (title translation: Amazed) Filled with songs, jokes, drama, and tragedy, the story shows a music group living with Manan. Indra, the son of a superstar who has now become a jamu-seller, loves Manan’s daughter, Tati. Manan disapproves of their relationship, so Indra leaves, and Tati is forced to marry Sugandi. Indra returns to his mother’s house,…

  • Tikungan Maut (1966)

    (title translation: The Deadly Bend) Rahmat, a doctor’s son, lives with his mother, Ratna, after his father dies. He likes to go racing, and has a regular car workshop, where he meets Nani, who wants to learn to drive. Romance begins but trouble also comes when Rahmat’s aunt, Sofie, realises that Nani is the niece of…

  • Kini Kau Kembali (1966)

    (title translation: Now You're Back)