Film list based on year "1965" - 14 entry

  • Matjan Kemajoran (1965)

    (title translation: Tiger of Kemayoran) Rainang tries to terrorize a corrupt village leader, Ciming, so that he would resign. But Marsan accidentally kills Ciming. As team leader, Rainang is willing to take responsibility (punishment by exile) while Marsan is appointed as the new village leader and Rausin (Rainang’s son) is sent to the Islamic boarding school.…

  • Operasi Hansip 13 (1965)

    (title translation: Security Operation 13) In a neighborhood meeting, the governor is urged to clean up the area for better security and eradicate prostitution. With the help of police, local guards work to carry out the operation and are successful in capturing the mastermind behind the illegal activities.

  • Darah Nelajan (1965)

    (title translation: Fisherman's Blood) After serving 10 years as punishment for carok (the practice of blood revenge with a sickle-shaped knife by the Madurese), Samsu helps his village fishermen’s co-op. Later, he resigns when he can’t get along with the investor, a beautiful rich widow, Lukitaningsih, who wants to gain personal profit from the co-op. As…

  • Karma (1965)

    Wahyudi and Kahar are two war veterans who turn to crime during peacetime. Wahyudi likes to disguise himself as a singer, a skill he uses to commit his crimes. Then there is a sub-plot about Jupri, an adolescent who loves comics and girls. The police manage to expose the crime of the veterans.

  • Langkah-langkah Dipersimpangan (1965)

    (title translation: Steps at the Crossroads) Herman, a customs officer assigned to eradicate smuggling, often loses his temper. When a smuggler’s ship is reported, he immediately orders a search-and-destroy but it’s a reckless act that results in the easy escape of other ships. Then Herman is posted to the mainland as punishment. Here, he reunites with…

  • Liburan Seniman (1965)

    (title translation: Freedom Artists) After hearing the mandate of independence leader and Indonesia’s first president, Sukarno, Suromo an author, finds an art form to express the people’s hardship. Together with Rutaf, a failed painter and Kadjiman, a film director, these artists meet a combatant who works at the National Trade Bank. Interested in the arts, he…

  • Madju Tak Gentar (1965)

    (title translation: Forward Undaunted) Amir’s platoon is ordered to capture a wagon containing Dutch troops. The successful operation is run by one of Amir’s men, Wati, with the help of a courier from headquarters who joins Amir’s troops. There are a few casualties, plus evidence of betrayal by Tatang, one of Amir’s men. Tatang leaks out…

  • Segenggam Tanah Perbatasan (1965)

    (title translation: A Handful of Border Earth) Sari, a poor widow, is in a relationship with Darmawan, a mischievous rich boy. A playboy recruits Sari as a singer, after Darma’s friends humiliate her. This angers Darma and he hits the playboy but Sari intervenes by telling him: “If you want to fight, go to the border.”…

  • Takkan Lari Gunung Dikedjar (1965)

    (title translation: The Mountain Will Stay) A doctor’s wife (Nani Widjaja) falls in love with a famous pop singer (Rachmat Kartolo), yet the singer already has a girlfriend (Sandra Sanger).

  • Tjinta Diudjung Tahun (1965)

    (title translation: Love at the End of the Year)