Film list based on year "1964" - 20 entry

  • Penjesalan (1964)

    (title translation: Regret) A family is forced by circumstances to live apart so while Martini has to be by her sick mother’s side in Cipanas, her father, Ir Tahir, has to work in Sarinah Department Store. Meanwhile, her brother, Hartono, lives independently. Tahir is too busy with his job so the children are neglected. Then Hartono…

  • Semusim Lalu (1964)

    (title translation: Past Season) Father gambles away his fortune, leaving the family penniless. Bambang Irawan leaves for the city to make money. He works for a wholesale company and is later adopted by the owner. He begins a romance with the wholesaler’s daughter and also with another girl who lives in the same house. But Bambang…

  • Tauhid (1964)

    (title translation: Unity) Major Air Mursyid, a young religious teacher and an author have joined a pilgrim’s group heading for Mecca. On the journey, they meet Halim, a ship doctor, who has been assigned on many trips to the Holy Land, but never had the urge to join the pilgrimage. With encouragement from Mursyid and his…

  • Teror di Sulawesi Selatan (1964)

    (title translation: Terror in South Sulawesi) The story of 40,000 people massacred by Dutch Captain Raymond Westerling, in South Sulawesi in 1947, is presented as close as possible to reality. Yet the story doesn’t fit too well in the film.

  • Unggul Kasih Dimusim Kemarau (1964)

    (title translation: Excellent Love in the Summer) Utilising the form of semi-documentary, the film highlights good planting methods and encourages farming.

  • Orang-orang Dikebun Para (1964)

    (title translation: The People in Para Plantation)

  • Membina Dunia Baru (1964)

    (title translation: Building a New World)

  • Pilihan Hati (1964)

    (title translation: The Heart Chooses)

  • Rimba Bergema (1964)

     (4/10) (1)

    (title translation: Echoing Jungle) Ir. Muskar left Jakarta to work in a rubber plantation in Sumatra. His effort to fulfill his civic duty by developing the production quality of rubber faces a lot of barriers. Although he gained support from the employees and the head of union, he was faced with the intrigue with his colleagues…

  • Daerah Perbatasan (1964)

    (title translation: Borderland)