Film list based on year "1962" - 12 entry

  • Anak Perawan Di Sarang Penjamun (1962)

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    (title translation: A Virgin in the Robbers' Nest) Set in South Sumatra, Medasing, leads a gang and they rob a rich Haji of all of his wealth. They also kidnap the Haji’s daughter, Sayu, to their ‘headquarters deep in the woods. Although Medasing seems like a rough guy, he has a gentle heart. As the leader,…

  • Bajangan Diwaktu Fadjar (1962)

    (title translation: Shadow at Dawn) Omar acts as he pleases without any inhibitions. He even dares to rape Suryani, a girl who is adopted by his family and loved by Salim, his step-brother. Omar does not stay in the rubber plantation, instead he lives in the city and spends all the money that Salim worked hard…

  • Bermalam di Solo (1962)

    (title translation: Overnight in Solo) Hartawan Mulyono sends his son, Irawan, to Solo, to attend the opening of a Batik exhibition. Irawan goes with Tengku Daham, the secretary of Mulyono, and his friend, Ibrahim. They stay longer than they planned, as Ibrahim likes it there. As there is no more vacancy in the hotel, they stay…

  • DKN 901 (1962)

    The commandant of patrol ship, DKN 901, has replaced his father’s position after the latter’s death in the line of duty. But he also needs to look after his little brother, chase a smuggler, and also care for his girlfriend’s father.

  • Hadiah 2.000.000 (1962)

    (title translation: Two Million Rupiah Prize) A farmer and his friend win a huge amount of prize money, two million rupiah! He goes to town and spends the night in a hotel, with a beautiful girl. When they are having a good time, a thief comes and steals the rest of the money. Alas, they have…

  • Holiday in Bali (1962)

    While studying in the Philippines, Cokorde Gde Rai meets Angelo Reyes, who is planning to go to Indonesia to enhance his knowledge as a botanist. Before going to Bali, Cokorde takes him to sightsee, to Borobudur and other places. After a few days in Bali, Reyes’ girlfriend, Liza Presler, arrives. But there is a problem as…

  • Tudjuh Pradjurit (1962)

    (title translation: Seven Soldiers) A comedy about seven men who are ordered to make jokes. Amongst them is Sulastri, who is no longer a teenager, and no longer a young and pretty girl.

  • Violetta (1962)

    Indarningsih takes care of her daughter, Violetta, with so many restrictions that she feels like a prisoner. Living in a remote place, one day, Corporal Herman arrives for a visit. Ningsih realises that she cannot stop the passion between them. In truth, Ningsih is worried that Violetta will end up like her, raising a child on…

  • Bing Slamet Merantau (1962)

    (title translation: Bing Slamet Goes Wandering)

  • Djakarta By Pass (1962)