Film list based on year "1960" - 39 entry

  • Kalung Mutiara (1960)

     (10/10) (1)

    (title translation: Pearl Necklace)

  • Kekota (1960)

    (title translation: To the City) Arjawi moves to the city, and is appointed as a village union leader. He uses this opportunity to promote his homemade traditional drink, together with his friend, Sarkawi. Surprisingly, the drink cures Rusli of his rheumatism.

  • Lahirnja Gatotkatja (1960)

     (6/10) (1)

    (title translation: Gatotkaca's Birth) Pracuna rules the Kingdom of Pringgodani, and is so powerful that he demands a goddess from nirvana named Dewi Supraba to be his wife. The gods have no choice but to agree to his request. Supraba then comes down to Pringgodani to trick Pracuna. When Pracuna realizes this, he is furious and…

  • Laruik Sandjo (1960)

  • Lompong Sagu (1960)

    Four funny guys, Bagio, Drajat, Iskak, and Barnas work at the same office, and are always underestimated by Harun, who is a university graduate. When their director cannot attend a student farewell party, they are all assigned to replace him. At the party, they meet Yetti; who is there for a poetry recitation. Drajat is really…

  • Mak Tjomblang (1960)

    (title translation: Matchmaker) Ambarita is a spinster who dreams of having an “ambtenar” (civil servant) husband. Thanks to Ellya the matchmaker, five candidates are selected: Serabi; a widower and also a statesman, Omar Dahlan; a retired marine, Marto; a middle-class officer who behaves like a Dutch, Arjuna; an “ambtenar” of Raad van Indie Office, and Ahmadin;…

  • Mawar Merah di Lereng Merapi (1960)

    (title translation: Red Rose at Mount Merapi) A few burglars enter the city led by Handoko. The robbery is planned as a result of Rini, the daughter of Purbokusumo, a retired regent, who has rejected him. But they fall into a trap set by the police and the gang is now trapped in the mountains.

  • Mendung Sendja Hari (1960)

    (title translation: Cloudy Dusk) Kusumo lives happily with his wife and his two kids; Tati and Toto, in Surabaya. Their happiness is interrupted when Kusumo meets Maryati; a widow from Yogya. They meet when she falls victim to some pickpockets when she is shopping. They decide to marry and Kusumo leaves his family, without telling them…

  • Nina (1960)

    Nina has the attention of two male students. But they start getting mixed signals. One is misled by the recklessness of Nina’s housemaid, and the other is confused by the presence of a widower; who is supposed to marry Nina. The misunderstanding ends with the widower advising them to focus on their studies than in romance.

  • Pedjuang (1960)

     (5.5/10) (3)

    (title translation: Soldier) During the revolution, troops led by Lieutenant Amin are in a mission to defend a strategic bridge. Some refugees take refuge with the troops. Among the refugees is Irma, a daughter from a middle-class family, who is actually cynical towards the struggle for independence. A romance begins between the two but the rowdy…