Film list based on year "1960" - 39 entry

  • Ajam den Lapeh (1960)

    Nurseha’s parents want her to be with Rizal, a rich young man from the village, who actually loves her. However, Nurseha has promised herself to Amir, her partner in the Gumarang Orchestra. But their differences begin to show. Nurseha still wants to continue her career as a singer but Amir insists on her being a housewife.…

  • Badai Selatan (1960)

    (title translation: Southern Storm)

  • Berabe (1960)

    (title translation: Bad Luck) Cespleng and Kardun are always fighting since their parents do not get along. Thanks to the trio of Nani, Nini, and Dewi, as peacemakers, their parents finally become friends too. There are songs, a wrestling match, and comedy within this down-to-earth story, which rolls along with a constant flow of jokes.

  • Darah Tinggi (1960)

    (title translation: High Blood Pressure) A family who lives in a semi-detached house, is constantly upset by their noisy and rude neighbours living in a boarding house next door.

  • Desa yang Dilupakan (1960)

    (title translation: The Forgotten Village) The barren village of Gunung Kidul is threatened by famine and the local families are constantly bickering. The village leader has been indifferent; so Lieutenant Sofyan, the new officer in the region, has to slowly take over. The arrival of peace in the area is unfavorable for some people including a…

  • Gadis Diseberang Djalan (1960)

    (title translation: The Girl Next Door) Arman and Ida live opposite each other, but their paths never cross. Meanwhile, Bustaman has been trying to get Ida’s attention but she refuses to respond. Bustaman resorts to dirty tricks by blackmailing Ida’s mother and one day, he even attempts to rape her. Luckily Arman, a judo champion, is…

  • Gaja Remadja (1960)

    (title translation: Teenage Style) Relying on the performance of a famous trio of comedians: Mang Topo, Bagio, and Alwi, the incidental story is peppered singing intervals. Rita made a strong debut performance here. She was known as stage actress and a goalkeeper in a woman’s football club.

  • Gatotkatja Kromo (1960)

  • Ibu Mertua (1960)

    (title translation: Mother-in-Law) After the graduation from “Sekolah Kepandaian Putri” (Female-Skill School) or SKP, Lena works as a housemaid for Toto’s family as she cannot afford to continue her education. Pardan is also living in the same house. When she returns from “tetirah” (a Javanese term for a short vacation in a health resort), Mrs. Toto…

  • Istana yang Hilang (1960)

    (title translation: Private Palace/Lost Palace) Hamsah is always preoccupied with his business while his wife is busy with her social life. Their daughters; Tuti and Lina, are neglected by them. Lina suffers the most as she is paralyzed, and the doctor does not think that she will improve. So a private teacher is hired for Lina,…