Film list based on year "1956" - 36 entry

  • Neng Atom (1956)

    (title translation: Miss Atom)

  • Kisah Anak Bandar Djakarta (1956)

    (title translation: The Story of Children from Jakarta Airport)

  • Tjatut (1956)

    (title translation: Pinchers)

  • Peristiwa Surabaja Gubeng (1956)

    (title translation: The Incident of Surabaya Gubeng)

  • Pemuda Pemudi (1956)

    T(title translation: Guys and Girls Tinah (Peggy Oetami), an orphan, living in luxury in Surabaya due to the heritage from his parents, and modern, and mingles freely, so the youth like her. She lives with her nephew, Tuty (Ellya Rosa), pious girl from Malang. Their house is taken care of by Inem, the maid who is…

  • Salah Pilih (1956)

    (title translation: Wrong Choice)

  • Bing Slamet (1956)

    Bing Slamet has a frivolous life. He tries to buy a dilapidated car, but could not pay for the porters, so he is plunged into the water barrel. Then he is told by his mother to sell flowers. He comes back home without flowers and money. His mother understands that Bing has no talent to trade,…