Film list based on year "1956" - 36 entry

  • Saodah (1956)

    While it is uncertain, the film is believed to be inspired by the story of Nyai Dasima, about the terrible fate of a rich widow who ends up as a murder victim because of her wealth.

  • Serampang 12 (1956)

    Diana starts to think that every country should have a national dance, or at the very least, a national social dance. This thought occurs to her when she sees her friends crazy for western dance. They then start to learn Indonesian traditional dances, such as Serampang 12, Kaparinyo, Gunung Sayang, Tanjung Kalung, etc. At the end,…

  • Si Dudung (1956)

    Dudung is the son of a dairy entrepreneur who is famous for the milk product, Permana. Everyday he milks the cow, accompanied by his loyal chief of staff, Badra. After milking, he delivers the milk to their distributor in the city. This routine work means a lot to the father, hence he neglects to provide proper…

  • Sri Kustina (1956)

    Sri Kustina is a popular lounge singer, who is married to Hasan, a gambler and a drunkard. He continues his bad habits even when they have two children: Didi and Aminah. Because of Hasan’s recklessness, Didi is hit by a car and killed. Sri asks for a divorce and goes back to work in a nightclub.…

  • Terang Bulan Terang di Kali (1956)

    (title translation: Full Moon Makes the River Bright) Father accepts the proposal from the matchmaker although his daughter already has a poor boyfriend. Fortunately, mother is on her side and disagrees with him, fearing about having a sick future son-in-law. But before the marriage can take place, the groom collapses in front of the bride’s door.

  • The Three Sisters (1956)

     (8/10) (5)

    Three young ladies, Nunung, Nana, and Nenny, are causing headaches for their grandmother. She has been taking care of them since their mother passed away, since their father only cares for his business. Then three boys, Herman, Toto, and Joni, come into their lives. A conflict arises between the passive Nunung and the aggressive Nana. But…

  • Tudjuan (1956)

    (title translation: Destination) Chandra leaves home to enter showbiz, his life-long dream, even though his father disapproves. His childhood friend, Karim, joins him and so does Laila, a beautiful singer/dancer. Chandra’s little group of artists is recruited by Wijaya, who also has a beautiful actress, Ratna. Romance blooms between Chandra and Ratna. Wijaya, who is jealous…

  • Dekat Dimata Djauh Dihati (1956)

    (title translation: The Person is Near, But the Heart is Far)

  • Peristiwa 10 Nopember (1956)

    (title translation: The Incident of November 10th)

  • Secretaresse (1956)

    (title translation: Secretary)