Film list based on year "1955" - 66 entry

  • Kabut Desember (1955)

    (title translation: December Fog)

  • Kunanti di Borobudur (1955)

    (title translation: I'll Wait in Borobudur)

  • Bandar Djakarta (1955)

    (title translation: Jakarta Airport)

  • Kuala Deli (1955)

  • Karena si Dia (1955)

    (title translation: Because of Him/Her)

  • Nasib Penjanji (1955)

    Title translation: The Fate of a Singer Suherman, accountant, is reunited with his school friend in Magelang, Sugijati, who is also a famous singer in Semarang, at a company’s party where he works. Sugijati is brought by Subroto, the owner of the company. Meeting after meeting make them promise to marry. In fact, the mother of…

  • Golden Lotus Magic Jewel (1955)

    Title translation: Golden Lotus Magic Jewel Korakis is sent to search for the Golden Lotus Magic Jewel because the Empress is seriously ill. On the way he is arrested by Domingo, but detected by Sevilla, the crown prince. Domingo flees. Korakis-Sevilla entourage go to the Bidura island and managed to get the Golden Lotus Magic Jewel.…

  • Gadis 3 Djaman (1955)

    Title translation: The Girl from 3 Era It has two parts:  Oh, Ibuku and Puteri Revolusi.