Film list based on year "1955" - 66 entry

  • Kasih Ibu (1955)

    (title translation: Mother's Love) With six daughters in their puberty, a mother tries to understand the changes that her daughters are experiencing. She gives them advice to help them to cope with their growing pains. Only the youngest daughter is given minimum protection, to help her grow up independently.

  • Kebon Binatang (1955)

    (title translation: Zoo)

  • Kekasih Ajah (1955)

    (title translation: Father's Lover) Usman leaves his wife, Tina, and daughter, Tati, due to the constant insults by his rich in-laws. Tina then becomes an activist in the women’s movement. Tati is told that her father has died. Ten years later, Tina and Usman reunite and live together again. The in-laws have passed away, but Usman…

  • Lagi-lagi Krisis (1955)

    (title translation: Crisis, Again) Husin bin Said is suddenly inspired to become a shaman. He puts on a signboard and people start coming to him asking for help: a man who wants to be a cultural attache, another wants to become a parliament member, a high-ranking official's wife whose husband is having an affair, film producers,…

  • Malam Minggu (1955)

    (title translation: Saturday Night) A factory worker finds a bracelet. He picks it up intending to return it to the owner. But he brings it home when he could not find the owner. But his roommate thinks that he stole it and a quarrel ensues. They both go to the police station. There they meet the…

  • Manusia Sutji (1955)

    (title translation: Pure Human) During the confrontation, Gusti Pageh leaves his wife, Wati, and sister, Miasti, to join the guerrilla war against the Dutch troops, after they try to reclaim Indonesia, following the declaration of independence at the end of WWII. Meanwhile, Durraksara is a wastrel who rapes Wati and kills Miasti when she rejects him.…

  • Masuk Kampung Keluar Kampung (1955)

    (title translation: Enter and Exit the Village)

  • Oh, Ibuku (1955)

    (title translation: Oh, My Mother) When Supatini finds out that her husband Gondo is secretly marrying another woman, she falls ill and dies. Her daughter, Nelly, is treated badly by her stepmother, Rosila, who favours her own daughter, Yatti. During the Japanese occupation, Gondo is arrested while Rosila lets Yatti become a prostitute. One day, Nelly…

  • Peristiwa Didanau Toba (1955)

    (title translation: The Incident at Toba Lake) A young freedom fighter, Sergeant Major Syamsir, is wounded and nursed by Red Cross member, Hasnah. A budding romance forms but when his commanding officer, Captain Effendi, is also attracted to Hasnah, Syamsir backs off. But the Rantau Prapat region is soon attacked by the Dutch army, just when…

  • Pertiwi (1955)

    (title translation: Earth) This film tries to attract the public that, at that time, was following Malaysian's musical films. Nurlaila and Kartinah, actresses from Malaysia, were also included in this film. The story itself is not logical, but this lack is covered with dances and singing.