Film list based on year "1955" - 66 entry

  • Gadis Sesat (1955)

    (title translation: The Lost Girl) Through Poppy and her boyfriend, Hasan, Elina meets Abdullah and becomes his lover. Then Elina starts to lead a wayward life. Her older sister, Tuty, tries to stop her but Elina chooses to continue her relationship and gets married. Then Tuty's warning comes true, as Abdullah is irresponsible. After Elina gets…

  • Gagal (1955)

    (title translation: Failed)

  • Gali Lobang Tutup Lobang (1955)

    (title translation: Dig a Hole, Cover That Hole)

  • Gambang Semarang (1955)

    A sad story enriched with songs. Sukarno M. Noor in his first main role is wonderful. The use of the title (previously Hapuskan KMB), is only for commercial value, because the song title was very popular.

  • Gara-gara Mobil Baru (1955)

    (title translation: Because of the New Car) Gunawan’s daughter Mariana is close to Ibrahim. Gunawan does not like this so he takes her out from her school and gives her a home education instead, by hiring a private tutor. The first tutor is old and always falls asleep, so Gunawan fires him. The replacement is a…

  • Gelora Semarang (1955)

    (title translation: Semarang Surge) Depicting the situation in Semarang and other big cities in Indonesia, the story is narrated from the point of view of Palali, a pedicab driver. The scenes depict how he encounters parliament members, a disillusioned former freedom fighter, an extravagant businessman, and an honest policeman.

  • Habis Hudjan (1955)

    (title translation: After the Rain)

  • Habis Manis Sepah Dibuang (1955)

    (title translation: After the Sweet is Gone, Throw It Out)

  • Hadiah 10.000 (1955)

    (title translation: 10.000 Gift) Alwi has been longing for a motorbike for some time. But he has to postpone his plan of having one since his wife, Mariam, is a fierce woman who is obsessed about saving money. Finally, Mariam gives her husband a pleasant surprise by buying him a motorbike from all the money she…

  • Hanja Sepekan (1955)

    (title translation: Only a Week)