Film list based on year "1954" - 60 entry

  • Supir Istimewa (1954)

    (title translation: The Special Driver) Kadir, a city boy, disguises as a driver to approach the village girl, Rukyah. At first, Rukyah seems to be unapproachable, but after enduring hardships, Kadir manages to win her heart. On one occasion, Rukyah is accused of stealing a necklace, but apparently it is Kadir's mom who forgets where she…

  • Tarmina (1954)

    Tarmina is a selfish wife. She asks Hadi for a divorce after he goes bankrupt. She leaves him and daughter, Juriah, and remarries a tycoon. One day, the second husband has an accident near where Hadi is standing. Tarmina accuses Hadi of causing the accident. When the second husband learns about Tarmina's unkind nature, he divorces…

  • Tengah Malam (1954)

    (title translation: Midnight) Hamdani elopes with a village girl, Asnah. When his family finds out, Hamdani's conniving sister, Khadijag, breaks up the marriage. Then Hamdani is paired off to Rafiah, the tycoon's daughter. Nine years later, Hamdani celebrates his daughter, Nani's birthday. A boy named Sarip watches the party from outside the fence. At midnight, two…

  • Tjuriga (1954)

    (title translation: Suspicious)

  • Perantaian 13 (1954)

    (title translation: Circuit 13)

  • Empat Serangkai (1954)

    (title translation: Four in a Group)

  • Djali-djali (1954)

  • Dewi Rimba (1954)

    title translation: Jungle Princess When doing the exercises, Rosali, a princess, is ambushed by Gumbo gang and taken to the wilderness. Rosali manages to escape, but lost in the jungle and becomes Jungle Princess, the friend of the animals. The King holds a contest to bring back Rosali. Silvano express his willingness. Together with an army…

  • Kleting Kuning (1954)

    Title translation: Yellow Kleting This is one version of Javanese folklore called Ande-Ande Lumut. Prince Ande-Ande Lumut is going around his kingdom disguised as a beggar. He wants to search for prospective queen. In a village, he meets three girls, Red Kleting, Green Kleting, the daughters of a widow, and Yellow Kleting, stepdaughter of the sidow.The…

  • Sedarah Sedaging (1954)

    (title translation: In Flesh and Blood)