Film list based on year "1954" - 60 entry

  • Kembali ke Masjarakat (1954)

    (title translation: Back to Society) During the revolution, Lt. Subagio fights alongside Sumiati, the Red Cross nurse. In a battle, Subagio, is shot and becomes disabled as one leg is amputated. He is too depressed even to see Sumiati when she comes visiting. Following a friend's suggestion, Subagio goes to a Rehabilitation Centre in Solo, led…

  • Konde Tjioda (1954)

    Gaining his uncle, Hasan's trust, Wijaya squanders all his wealth on a femme fatale, Konde Tjioda. Sumarni, Wijaya's wife, feels pressured by both her husband and her aunt, Jenab. She then decides to leave home. Meanwhile, Hasan's wealth is seized due to Wijaya's overspending. Then Hasan realises his mistakes while Wijaya returns to Sumarni.

  • Kopral Djono (1954)

    (title translation: Corporal Djono) This film was propaganda for the Indonesian Air Force, depicting the daily life challenges faced by an air force corporal, including his love life and a flashback to the time of the nationalist war.

  • Lain Dulu Lain Sekarang (1954)

    (title translation: Then and Now) Although Sudarma's profession is only a clerk, his wife acts as if she is the wife of a minister. She teaches the children to live boldly. Elly borrows a necklace from her friend, Tati, which she loses. With the accumulating debts (also for the lost necklace), Sudarma's family finally realizes that…

  • Melarat tapi Sehat (1954)

    (title translation: Poor but Healthy) Item and Jalil are like cats and dogs, but they stick together in facing challenges. This is the comradeship between poor people with healthy minds. They stop Rasmi from committing suicide, and bring her to their friend Agus who owns a house where they can live and work together.

  • Merapi (1954)

    When the volcanic activity in Mount Merapi increases, a group people - the volcanic scientist, Martha, Harto the photographer and Suparto, the son of the village head, plus local guide, Karmin, are sent to investigate. Initially, they face some obstacles from the villagers, but finally the people realise the importance of the research.

  • Mertua Sinting (1954)

    (title translation: Crazy In-Laws) Without apparent reason, Singo throws out his son, Hartono, from his house because he marries a girl from Bandung. Singo considers her loose and low-class. Meanwhile, Singo has a secretary whose work is impeccable and he wants his son to marry her instead. His hope grows after hearing that Hartono is divorcing…

  • Ole-ole Bandung (1954)

    (title translation: Gift from Bandung) When Harja is in Bandung, he falls in love with a beautiful and flirtatious girl, Sri. Then he takes her as his mistress, as he is already married to Komala. To fulfil Sri's endless demands, Harja steals some office supplies. Consequently, he is arrested and sent to prison. When he comes…

  • Pegawai Tinggi (1954)

    (title translation: High Position) Ruliah comes from a poor family but she is a highly competitive girl. She yearns of having an executive as spouse. During Rusli and Rini's wedding, Ruliah meets Husni, whom she thinks is an executive. She marries him not realising that he is a small time clerk. Meanwhile, Husni is still studying…

  • Perkasa Alam (1954)

    (title translation: The Brave Nature) In his dream, the orphan, Yatim, is told to travel north by his parents. He follows this direction and arrives at a hermitage. As an adult, Yatim continues his journey, equipped with a good luck charm from his master, the hermit. Then he runs into a gang who kidnaps the princess…