Film list based on year "1952" - 37 entry

  • Terkabul (1952)

    (title translation: Fulfilled) Supriati and Marhadi are schoolmates who dream building a family together. But Supriati is about to be paired off to the village tycoon, so she runs away to the city and stays over at Marhadi's place. As Marhadi's mother does not welcome her, she must look for a boarding house. But the boarding…

  • Tiga Benda Adjaib (1952)

    (title translation: Three Magic Items) The princes are competing to get magical objects for the princess's birthday gift. There is a flying carpet, and a long-distance telescope but Prince Ahmad offers a magic stone that can see the future. From the telescope, they see that a revolt is going on at the palace, so the three…

  • Tiga Pendekar Teruna (1952)

    (title translation: Three Teruna Warriors) Kuncung falls asleep and dreams about the Never Land. He meets the palace handmaiden and is employed to work as a stable boy. Luckily, he manages to gather a lot of important information, including the location of the missing heirloom necklace. The precious item is recovered thanks to the help of…

  • Ternoda (1952)

    (title translation: Tarnished)

  • Apa Salahku (1952)

    (title translation: What Did I Do Wrong?)

  • Kisah Kenangan (1952)

    (title translation: Story of Memories)

  • Rhapsody Air Mata (1952)

    (title translation: Rhapsody of Tears)