Film list based on year "1952" - 37 entry

  • Satria Desa (1952)

    (title translation: The Village Knight) Kasim is infamous for his business as a loan-shark in the village. He also opens an illegal casino. Eventually, this upsets the villagers and prompts them to take action. However, Hamid manages to prevent the violence and advises people to stop visiting the casino instead. Then Kasim tries to initiate another…

  • Sekuntum Bunga Ditepi Danau (1952)

    (title translation: A Flower on the Lakeside) Before the Republic of Indonesia was founded, West Sumatra was still steeped in tradition but the revolution soon disintegrates the strict norms. Yulizar's mother passes away in suffering due to her arranged marriage, thus convincing Yulizar to reject tradition. Moreover, her heart is already bound to Burhan. But their…

  • Si Mientje (1952)

    Widow Mrs. Wiro has two daughters, the wild Minangsih, nicknamed Mientje and the traditional Suminah. Due to her wild ways, Mientje gets pregnant outside marriage, without knowing who the father is.

  • Siapa Dia (1952)

    (title translation: Who is He?) Although Wartini is in love with Rusdiono, her parents force her to marry Mulyono. After she has two children, Mulyono passes away. One day, Wartini goes to the market and finds a beggar staring at her. The beggar turns out to be Rusdiono. The love between them blossoms one more time…

  • Solo Di Waktu Malam (1952)

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    (title translation: Solo at Night) Marno is in despair after his girlfriend Hermin is forced to marry an older man, Dr Hardi. It takes a long time before Marno recovers. He gets help from the beautiful Aminah, the girl whom he falls in love with and who reciprocates his love.

  • Sorga Terakhir (1952)

    (title translation: The Last Heaven) Lieutenant Hendro is assigned to go to Bali. He falls in love with a Balinese girl, Sari. Apparently, Sari’s marriage with Cokorde Tamor has already been arranged. Cokorde Tamor is Hendro's best friend. When Sari confesses her feelings towards Hendro to Cokorde Tamor, the latter is inflamed with anger. When Hendro…

  • Surja (1952)

    Ujang takes over his brother, Sarkawi's fortune when his brother dies in prison. Ujang also kicks out Sarkawi's son, Surya, from the home. As a grown-up, Surya and also Yusman, Ujang's son, both fall in love with Ina. Then Yusman acts desperately by kidnapping Ina. But the kidnap attempt is foiled by a man in a…

  • Taufan (1952)

    Featuring the adventure of a “country boy” who comes to the city, and who leads a successful life, even more successful than the city boys themselves.

  • Tenang Menanti (1952)

    (title translation: Patiently Waiting) Salmah pairs off her step-daughter, Hartini, with Rusman, but she chooses Luthfi over him. Driven by vengeance, Rusman tries to get rid of Hartini's husband. Due to Rusman’s plot, Luthfi loses his job and moves to Bandung. Then Rusman tries to approach Hartini again, and a fight soon starts between Rusman and…

  • Terimalah Laguku (1952)

    (title translation: Accept My Song) Iskandar is a talented clarinet player who trains under an old musician named Sobari. He also has moral support from his girlfriend. But when he becomes successful, he forgets about Sobari, his friends and his girlfriend. Only when his career crumbles does Iskandar remember again his girlfriend and friends.