Film list based on year "1952" - 37 entry

  • Mardi and the Monkey (Mardi dan Keranya) (1952)

    This film depicts the life of a child living in a village. The message conveyed is a love for animals. The cast members are not professional actors, but are the children of Segalaherang village, Subang, where monkeys are also found in abundance.

  • Mas Kawin (1952)

    (title translation: Dowry) Mr. Gimin is a thrifty person, who is a manual labourer working at the port. He financially supports his brother, Mr. Sukimin in Malang, and Sutejo, his nephew, who works in Jakarta. But Sutejo is lazy, and he only wants the easy life to have fun. When Mr. Gimin is killed in an…

  • Pahit-Pahit Manis (1952)

    (title translation: Bittersweet) One day, Arifin's employer says that he will visit him with his daughter. Arifin is confused as he lives with the painter, Bakhtiar and his wife. Then Arifin is relieved to find out that Bakhtiar and his wife are going out that day. Suddenly, Fatimah shows up, and asks Arifin to help her…

  • Pengorbanan (1952)

    (title translation: Sacrifice) A medical student, Suganda marries Dalia, a singer. They are happy but Suganda's father is disappointed and tries to break his son's marriage. After all the persuasion, threats and temptations, Suganda finally surrenders by letting Dalia walk away. He returns home, while Dalia feels that she has given her best.

  • Penjelundup (1952)

    (title translation: Smuggler) Two passengers of a smuggler’s boat manage to escape when the navy patrol captures the boat. They are Darmojo and his sister, Retno. Then Darmojo contacts Kouw Ling, the smuggler boss, while Retno is told to reach the navy patrol. Apparently, Darmojo wants to ensnare Kouw Ling's gang. Finally, the navy patrol can…

  • Pulang (1952)

    (title translation: The Return) Tamin is one of the village boys who are ensnared by Japanese propaganda to enroll as Heiho (auxiliary soldiers). He joins the mission to Burma (Myanmar) during World War II in the Red Cross division. When the Japanese forces are defeated, Tamin and his friends are brought back to Java and handed…

  • Rodrigo de Villa (1952)

    Set at a time in Spain when the Ottoman Empire invades Castille, Queen Isabella and a noble man, Lozano, collaborate with the enemy to take over the palace. Alfonso, the king, and his men, including Rodrigo de Villa are all imprisoned. As a reward, Lozano is appointed as king and then he marries Isabella. Lozano has…

  • Sajang Sajang Dibuang Sajang (1952)

    (title translation: Hoarding) Harun goes against his father, the feudal Singodiputro by marrying the stage actress, Maya. They have a son named Noordin, who falls in love with another stage actress, Ratna. When Mr. Singo reconciles with Maya, only then does he realise that the stage life is not as bad as he thought it was.

  • Sajap Memanggil (1952)

    (title translation: The Call of the Wings) This is an informational film about recruitment into the air force, for employment as pilots or technical officers. The information is conveyed through the adventures of two good friends, Pantow and Kendro.

  • Sangkar Emas (1952)

    (title translation: Golden Cage) Bratakusuma is a former regent blessed with five children Ratnasih, Mintarsih, Surja, Atma, and Sundari. Oddly enough, he begins to despise romance. When his children come of age, they begin to fall in love and their father's restriction is so severe that Mintarsih chooses to elope with Sjamsudin. Finally, the five children…