Film list based on year "1951" - 40 entry

  • Surjani Mulia (1951)

    (title translation: Noble Suryani) The Sadikin family has three girls - Suryani alias Ani, who is charitable, Suryana or Ana, who is artistic and passionate about drama performance, and finally the pompous Suryati or Yati. The three are involved with three young men living just next door. The three fellows are also with different characters, and…

  • Terbelenggu (1951)

    (title translation: Shackled) After having two children with Suciati, Samsu is still tempted to go with another woman, Kesturi. His wife and two kids are left in Jogjakarta, while he goes to Jakarta to join Kesturi. Suci goes blind due to her suffering and works as a masseur. Meanwhile, her son becomes mute and she has…

  • Njiur Melambai (1951)

    (title translation: Wave of Coconut Tree)

  • Merebut Kasih (1951)

    (title translation: Seizing Love)

  • Selendang Pelangi (1951)

    (title translation: Rainbow Scarf) Hamid, a former officer, refuses to return to his family because he is invalid. He feels that he is  only a troublesome to others and only lives from the gift of people. He feels worthless to live beside his wife ...

  • Kusuma Hati (1951)

    (title translation: Flower of the Heart)

  • Fadjar Menjingsing (1951)

    Title translation: Daybreak Effendi is killed. Mansyur, Rusmini, and Saroni are questioned by the police. Rusmini tells the story: Mansyur and his wife, Rusmini, could not afford the school of their two children, Saroni and Tini. Saroni who has defective leg, trying to support himself. One day Mansyur received a letter from his old friend, Erna,…

  • Penganten Baru (1951)

    (title translation: New Bridegroom)

  • Rakjat Memilih (1951)

    (title translation: The People Have Chosen)

  • Budi Utama (1951)

    (title translation: Main Sense) Daniel is the son of a plantation businessman, who thought he can buy everything with money. He found out that he can't buy Gantini, who is in love with Bachtiar. Gantini's mother puts money on top of everything, unlike her dad. Gantini is supported by her dad, which leads to her decision…