Film list based on year "1948" - 3 entry

  • Air Mata Mengalir di Tjitarum (1948)

    (literal translation of title: Tears in Citarum River)

  • Anggrek Bulan (1948)

    (literal translation of title: Moon Orchid) Kati is a beautiful yet vicious girl. She is being fought over by Atma and Subrata. But Atma has his own secret intention to find out who murdered Winata, his father. Who is the Moon Orchid ("Anggrek Bulan")?

  • Djauh Dimata (1948)

    (literal translation of title: Far from My Eyes) A traffic accident leads to Ali's blindness. At the same time, his family is experiencing financial problems. These circumstances force his wife, Ratna, to go to Jakarta to find a job. Ali loses his trust in Ratna and he writes her a letter telling her never to come…