Film list based on year "1944" - 6 entry

  • Djatoeh Berkait (1944)

    (literal translation of title: Fall in Relation)

  • Keseberang (1944)

    (translation of title: Across the Sea) Before the Japanese invasion of Indonesia, Karta departs to Kalimantan to find a better livelihood. He leaves his wife, Sulastri, behind. With the Japanese arrival, Karta returns but he sees that Sulastri is with another man, assuming that this is her new husband. Actually, Sulastri and her sister are involved…

  • Koeli dan Romoesha (1944)

    (literal translation of title: Coolie and Forced Labourer) This film tries to represent the difference between romusha and coolie. It pretends that romusha is better than the coolie during the Dutch occupation. As a matter of fact, coolie is a paid hard-labourer while the romusha is a forced labourer whose lives are not valued.

  • Hoedjan (1944)

    (title translation: Rain)

  • Gelombang (1944)

    (title translation: Wave)

  • Keris Poesaka (1944)

    (title translation: Heirloom Kris)