Film list based on year "1941" - 30 entry

  • Singa Laoet (1941)

    (literal translation of title: Sea Lion) Ibrahim is killed during a fight and Robin is accused as the killer. Twenty years later, Mahmud (Ibrahim's son) wants to know who actually killed his father. His search brings him to Sampajo island. This is where Robin lives as a pirate captain dubbed as the "Singa Laoet" (The Sea…

  • Siti Noerbaja (1941)

    A classic story of a girl who is married against her will to a wealthy man.

  • Soeara Berbisa (1941)

    (literal translation of title: Poisonous Sound) Mitra and Neng Mardinah are in love with each other. This makes Mardjohan jealous. So he spreads viscious rumors that Mitra is the son of a criminal. Mitra leaves town out of frustration. One day, Mardjohan has an accident, and is saved by Mitra. At home, Mardjohan's mother recognizes Mitra…

  • Srigala Item (1941)

    (literal translation of title: The Black Jackal) Mardjoeki goes missing after his wealth is taken by his brother, Djoekri. His son, Mochtar, is left behind and is treated like a slave by Djoekri. Later, The Black Jackal, a man in a mask, thwarts Djeokri's cruelty. In a chase scene between Djoekri and The Black Jackal, it…

  • Tengkorak Hidoep (1941)

    (literal translation of title: The Living Skull) Raden Darmadji and his friends visit Mustika Island. Ten years ago, a ship sunk near the island, and his brother was one of the passengers. The island is also the location where Maha Daru was buried 2000 years ago after he was defeated in combat by Dewi Gumba. When…

  • Tjioeng Wanara (1941)

    Tjioeng Wanara is the man who crushes the evil king of Galuh. The revolt succeeds with the help of the people who have suffered enough.

  • Ajah Berdosa (1941)

    (literal translation of title: The Sin of a Father)

  • Wanita dan Satria (1941)

    (literal translation of title: Woman and Knight)

  • Selendang Delima (1941)

    (literal translation of title: The Ruby Scarf)

  • Pah Wongso Tersangka (1941)

    (literal translation of title: Pah Wongso the Convict)