Film list based on year "1941" - 30 entry

  • Lintah Darat (1941)

    (literal translation of title: Loan Sharks) Although they are siblings, Asnah and Kumala have very different characters. The older sister Asnah is rude while Kumala is kind. Asnah is attracted to Safi'i, but he is more interested in softhearted Kumala. Out of disappointment, Asnah runs off to the city and becomes a singer. Meanwhile Kumala has…

  • Matula (1941)

    (suggested English title: The Ugly Face) Johan Bessey is a tycoon with two daughters, Emma and Diana. Matula (the ugly face), wants to court Emma, so he makes a pact with the shaman to make him look good in return for his soul. He almost loses his soul but Johan Bessey’s magic bamboo spear prevents this.…

  • Mega Mendoeng (1941)

    (literal translation of title: Rain Cloud) Kustini, the daughter of Retnaningsih and Winata, has a lover named Sujono. But Sujono betrays her. The girl is slandered and Winanta punishes her. Following his own conscience, Sujono arrives at Mega Mendung, and reunites with Kustini.

  • Moestika dari Djenar (1941)

    (literal translation of title: The Magic Jewel from Djenar)

  • Noesa Penida (1941)

    Two brothers, Jaya and I Pageh, are commoners who love Gusti Ayu Pandansari, the daughter of the King of Tabanan Bali. Since young, Pandansari was close to Jaya and Pageh, and romance grows in a triangular relationship. The only constraint is the social hierarchy or caste. Although Pandasari prefers Jaya, she finally marries Pageh instead, since…

  • Panggilan Darah (1941)

    (literal translation of title: Call of Blood) Two orphans try their luck in the city. They are employed by Pak Haji's family, but is ill treated by his wife. Soon they run away. It is later discovered that both orphans are actually the Haji's nephews. When they are found, they express a wish to set up…

  • Pantjawarna (1941)

    (literal translation of title: Five Colors)

  • Poetri Rimba (1941)

    (literal translation of title: Jungle Princess) Achmadi is separated from his group during a trip to an island and is captured. Later, it turns out the Achmadi had once saved Bidasari, the daughter of a warlord who is holding him hostage. Then love grows between Achmadi and Bidasari. Unfortunately, Bidasari is already engaged to Perbada. Perbada's…

  • Ratna Moetoe Manikam (Djoela Djoeli Bintang Tiga) (1941)

    (suggested English title: Dance of the Three Stars) Three sisters live above the cloud, Ratna, Laila, and Kumala. Ratna and Kumala are in dispute after they fall in love with the same man, Sultan Darsyah Alam. Kumala is turned down by Darsyah and in anger, she orders the destruction of his kingdom. Laila overhears this scheme…

  • Si Gomar (1941)

    After a pirate attack, a family is separated. Soebardja is with his father while Mariani stays with the mother. Due to their long separation and different foster parents, Mariani and Soebardja almost get married to each other. But Ismail, their cousin, is the one who prevents the mistake from happening.