Film list based on year "1941" - 30 entry

  • Poesaka Terpendam (1941)

    (literal translation of title: Hidden Heirlooms) This film tells a story of a hidden treasure. The hunt for the treasure becomes the source of conflict between the heirs as well as a bunch of crooks, who decide to join in. Featuring adventure, fighting scenes, songs and comedy, the film also had the beautiful landscape of Serang…

  • Air Mata Iboe (1941)

    (literal translation of title: Tears of a Mother) Sugiati loves all of her children, Achmad, Idris, Sumadi and Supinah. Sumadi receives the most attention as Subagio, his father, often blames him. But Subagio leads a double life as a thief. To defend his father, Sumadi takes the blame for his father’s crime. He is sent to…

  • Aladin dengan Lampoe Wasiat (1941)

    (literal translation of title: Aladin and the Magic Lamp) Aladin, the son of a poor widow, continues living modestly although he owns the magic lamp. The lamp is only used on special occasions, such as when the Wazir commands him to. Finally, when he is threatened, Aladin uses the magic lamp to defeat the evil Wazir…

  • Asmara Moerni (1941)

    (literal translation of title: True Love)

  • Boedjoekan Iblis (1941)

    (literal translation of title: The Devil's Persuasion)

  • Djantoeng Hati (1941)

    (literal translation of title: The Beloved) This film tells the story of two girls, Karina and Roesdjana, who have conflicting characters and habits. While Karina is traditional, Roesdjana is modern.

  • Elang Darat (1941)

    (literal translation of title: Land Eagle) Elang Darat, who leads a gang of robbers continuously harasses the village of Kresek. To overcome the security threat, the head of the village calls for assistance from a detective, R. Parlan. During a raid, Parlan is injured, and is nursed by Rukmini, the village head’s daughter. Their closeness prompts…

  • Garoeda Mas (1941)

    (literal translation of title: The Golden Eagle)

  • Ikan Doejoeng (1941)

    (literal translation of title: Mermaid) Asmara is already in love with Sanusi. But her father, Rasyid, accepts Sumantri’s proposal to marry Asmara with his son, Harun. Enraged by this match, Asmara says that she wants to be a mermaid and she runs away with Sanusi.

  • Koeda Sembrani (1941)

    (literal translation of title: Pegasus)