Film list based on year "1940" - 14 entry

  • Roekihati (1940)

    Roekihati is a peasant girl who is married to Mansur, despite his father’s objection. Later, under the influence of his peers, Mansur is drawn to Aminah, a city girl. Roekihati, however, remains loyal to their vows and her kindness finally makes Mansur realize his error.

  • Sorga Palsoe (1940)

    (literal translation of title: Fake Heaven) Mrs Roti treats her first daughter Hian Nio badly. On the other hand, she treats her other daughters, as her favorites. Hian Nio has a boyfriend, Kian Bie, who works for Bian Hong. But since Bian Hong, a widower, has feelings for Hian Nio, he fires Kian Bie in order…

  • Zoebaida (1940)

  • Sorga Ka Toedjoe (1940)

    (literal translation of title: Seventh Heaven)