Film list based on year "1940" - 14 entry

  • Bajar Dengan Djiwa (1940)

    (literal translation of title: Pay with Your Soul) The film depicts the lives of two families. There is Basuki who always puts other’s interests first, while his wife, Suryati who only thinks about herself. There is also Umar with his immoral behavior, who sells his daughter Djuliah to Asnan, a loan shark, when he is in…

  • Dasima (1940)

    Winata’s preoccupation with his business causes a lot of conflict with his wife, Dasima. Eventually they end their marriage. Then Dasima becomes Samiun’s wife, who only wants Dasima’s wealth. When Samiun’s behavior gets worse, Dasima asks for a divorce. She demands for her jewelry, all of which are already gambled away by Samiun, be returned. Samiun…

  • Harta Berdarah (1940)

    (literal translation of title: Bloddy Treasure) This film reveals the darker side of human nature, when lust for wealth cause others to suffer. The story is tangled with a tragic yet beautiful romance. The film’s message is clear when the rich are finally punished by God.

  • Kartinah (1940)

    Titi loses her mind after her beloved child passes away. Her husband, Suria, is in love with Kartinah, the nurse. But he does not want to have two wives. After finding out that Suria is already with a spouse, Kartinah decides to stay away. They run into each other again during an air strike. When Titi…

  • Kedok Ketawa (1940)

    (literal translation of title: The Laughing Mask) Influenced by the film, Dracula, The Laughing Mask is a love story between a felon cum seducer and a hero. The film is set within the beautifully photographed scenery of Cibodas. Minarsih (Fatimah) is rescued from four thugs by the painter Basuki (Basoeki Resobowo). They fall in love and…

  • Kris Mataram (1940)

    Featuring the clash between modern thinking against traditional conservatism, the story has the troubled romance between the noble princess, RA Rusmini, and the peasant, Bachtiar. This film ends with compromise, that there is nothing wrong with either modernity or tradition.

  • Matjan Berbisik (1940)

    (literal translation of title: The Whispering Tiger) Djaja disappears after he gives some money and entrusts his son, Hamid to Sanip. Sanip has a son of his own, Usman. When they grow up, Usman is jealous that Zainab chooses Hamid over him. Usman makes several attempts to get rid of Hamid, but he always fails. One…

  • Melati Van Agam (1940)

    (literal translation of title: The Jasmine of Agam) Norma is a girl who sacrifices her personal happiness out of respect to her parents. Her lover, a poor young man named Idrus must let go of Norma when she marries a young wealthy man. Norma and ldrus are finally reunited inside the grave.

  • Pah Wongso Pendekar Boediman (1940)

    (literal translation of title: Pah Wongso the Kind Hearted Warrior) Barja falls in love with Siti, the daughter of his uncle, Haji Hartawan. However, his feelings are unrequited, and this sparks Barja’s anger. He kills Pak Haji and takes over his fortune. But Siti remains adamant. Out of frustration, Barja turns to gambling and later becomes…

  • Rentjong Atjeh (1940)

    (literal translation of title: Aceh's Knife) Bintara is a pirate captain who sails the Malacca Straits. He plunders ships and murders its crews. Two children survive one of the attacks. They are Rusna and Daud. Years later, the two meet the courageous Panglima Ali. Together, they stop Bintara’s bloody career.