Film list based on year "1939" - 5 entry

  • Alang-alang (1939)

    (literal translation of title: Grass or Weeds) Travelling through his coconut plantation, Suhiyat, the prodigal son of a wealthy man, runs into Suyati who is being harassed by Rainan. When he helps Surati, he also inflames the jealousy of Rasmina, the widow, who is attracted to him, even though she is courted by Karta. Heartbroken, she…

  • Impian di Bali (1939)

    (literal translation of title: Dreaming in Bali) The prominent scenery of Bali is presented through the journey of a romancing couple. It also features the martial arts skill of a young woman, the tear-jerking humour of a comedian, and layered with musical elements.

  • Roesia si Pengkor (1939)

    (literal translation of title: The Bandy-Legged Roesia) Haji Saleh is going on a pilgrimage to the sacred mountain. Meanwhile, his wife and daughter, Suti, stay behind in Tangerang. As the beauty of the village, Suti attracts a lot of young men. But Saari is the one who she is interested in. Yet, Saari faces competition from…

  • Siti Akbari (1939)

    Siti Akbari has a happy family life until her husband deserts her for another woman. But Siti Akbari remains unshakeable. Her devotion leads to her eventual fulfillment.

  • Gagak Item (1939)

    (literal translation of title: Black Crow) Ahmad, the son of a landlord, tried to marry Rochani in various ways. He has many bouncers who like to be cruel to the people. Meanwhile, Rochani likes Yusuf, a young man who has just worked at Ahmad's parents' company. Once, Rochani's younger brother, Dahlan, was beaten by Ahmad's men.…