Film list based on year "1935" - 5 entry

  • Pareh (1935)

    (literal translation of title: Rice) Mahmud, a young fisherman is in love with Wagini, a farmer girl. The love story is situated in rice fields, mountains and naturally beautiful Indonesian scenery, lending it almost an anthropological quality. It is also presented with songs and sets of poetic quatrains.

  • Poei Sie Giok Pa Loei Tay (1935)

    Inspiring teenagers to learn martial arts, the story shows Poei Sie Giok who is trained in martial arts by his mother, Tjoei Hoa (a prominent figure in a branch of the Shaolin school). With his mastery, Poei Sie Giok defeats Loei Lo Ho's students. After Loei Lo Ho is killed, his wife Lie Siow Hoan makes…

  • Tie Pat Kai Kawin (1935)

    (literal translation of title: Tie Pat Kai Got Married) Pat Kai (the swine demon) comes down from the mountain and goes to the city. He manages to wed a human, Tjoei Lan, the daughter of a wealthy man Kho Tay Kong. But when their child has the face of a pig, Kho Tay Kong throws out…

  • Pan Sie Tong (1935)

  • Ang Hai Djie (1935)