Film list based on year "1932" - 5 entry

  • Zoester Theresia (1932)

     (10/10) (1)

    (literal translation of title: Sister Theresia) Due to problems, Gelder's small plantation is dwindling. So in order to support his son's education in Holland, Gelder falls into the hands of a loan shark. Tragedy strikes when his son Bob passes away. Henk, Bob’s colleague from the university, promises to help Gelder's family after Bob is gone.…

  • Terpaksa Menika (1932)

     (10/10) (1)

    (literal translation of title: Forced to Wed)

  • Raonah (1932)

  • Njai Dasima (1932)

    (See Njai Dasima I and Njai Dasima II)

  • Amorira (1932)

    This film has additional title: haat en liefde bij de bamboeboschbewoners van Borado-Likowali eiland Flores (love and hate in the bamboo forest of Borado-Likowali, Flores Island). It is possible that this fiction film tells more about changing a village's religion into Catholic, which is done by a missionary priest. But this story only starts in the…