Film list based on year "1930" - 3 entry

  • Si Ronda (1930)

    A story of a hero from Betawi (local utterance of Batavia, now known as Jakarta), not unlike other stories, such as Si Jampang and Si Pitung. See also Si Ronda Macan Betawi (Ronda, Betawi's Tiger) (1978).

  • Lari Ka Arab (1930)

    (literal translation of title: Run to Arab)

  • Karnadi Anemer Bangkong (1930)

  • Ria Rago: Pahlawan Wanita dari Lembah Ndona (1930)

    Title translation: Ria Rago: The Heroine of Ndona Valley It’s a forced marriage story in the tradition of Sitti Nurbaya. The Christian girl Ria Rago of Noea Nelloe village is forced by her parents to marry Dapo Doki, a Muslim of Rada Woewoe village, as his second wife, for a high dowry. Ria disapproves because Dapo…