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  • Untukmu Indonesiaku (1980)

    (title translation: For You My Indonesia) This documentary was initially meant to give a chance to those who had not yet seen the musical “Untukmu Indonesiaku” by Guruh Sukarnoputra. The musical is shown here but not in its complete form. The director weaves the footage of the show with what happens behind the scenes, the rehearsals…

  • Djakarta 1966 (1982)

     (6.5/10) (2)

    The film chronologically depicts the birth of the March 11th Decree (Supersemar) in 1966. After the communist party attempted a revolution (G-30S-PKI) in the previous year, President Soekarno did not immediately make a satisfactory political resolution, as he could not bring himself to blame the PKI for the coup as demanded by Soeharto. During those days,…

  • Pengkhianatan G-30-S PKI (1982)

     (7/10) (10)

    (title translation: The Betrayal of G-30-S PKI) The official story about the events surrounding the 30 September 1965 coup d'etat carried out by Colonel Untung, the Commandant of the Cakrabirawa Battalion. Seven generals were murdered and Major General Soeharto is depicted as the saviour. A very detailed and "convincing" docudrama from a certain point of view.

  • Penumpasan Sisa-sisa PKI Blitar Selatan (Operasi Trisula) (1986)

     (5/10) (4)

    (title translation: Destroying the Remains of PKI in South Blitar (Trisula Operations), PKI is the abbreviation of Partai Komunis Indonesia or Indonesian Communist Party) Members of the G-30-S PKI (Indonesian Communist Party) movement flee from Jakarta and other regions when they are discovered. They survive and organise movements in the areas south of Blitar, which are…